Top Tips for Starting Your Residential Exterior Painting Job This Spring

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The warmer air and longer days afforded by spring create the optimal conditions for exterior painting projects. Indeed, many painting contractors start to see their calendars fill up as early as March/April, especially in warmer regions like Raleigh, NC. As such, the sooner you get your plans in order, the better. On the other hand, you don’t want to jump the gun, either. The best exterior painting outcomes depend on thorough preparation and proper technique. With that in mind, here are our top tips for getting started on your residential exterior painting project this spring.

Tips for Residential Exterior Painting in the Spring

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Spring marks the beginning of the exterior painting season, but this doesn’t mean every day will be ripe for such a project. You’ll want to avoid painting outdoors if it’s rainy, windy, and/or temperatures fluctuate significantly. The best time to paint is when temperatures are moderate and consistent (between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit), there’s no chance of rain, and winds are below 10 miles per hour. Depending on the size of your exterior painting project, you might need more than one day to get the job done, too. Keeping a close eye on the local forecast will help you find the perfect time to get started.

Know What You Want

Once you’ve found the optimal stretch of days to get to work, you won’t want to waste any time – all details should be finalized beforehand, especially when it comes to selecting residential exterior painting colors or having the right materials on hand. Locking in these details well in advance will allow you to tackle your project with more confidence and efficiency.

Come Up with a Budget

This tip ties into the previous one. Determining the details and scope of your project will help you establish a budget. If you plan on hiring painters, it’s also important to receive a residential exterior painting estimate (ideally multiple estimates from different contractors to get the best price). Taking the time to finalize your expenses will give you peace of mind and help you prioritize which aspects of exterior painting matter most at this time.

Thoroughly Wash Your Exterior

Painting is far from the first step involved in any exterior painting project. Your exterior should be thoroughly cleaned well before the brush or roller makes initial contact with the siding. A clean surface is more receptive to fresh paint, contributing to better-looking, longer-lasting results. The best and fastest way to clean your exterior is via pressure washing.

Fix It Up

After cleaning your exterior, take the time to examine its surfaces for damage and deterioration. While painting over some of these issues will conceal them (at least partially), it won’t resolve the underlying issue. As such, it’s best to make any and all necessary repairs prior to painting. Common repairs and renovations include fixing or replacing rotted wood, scraping off peeling paint, filling cracks with caulk or joint compound, re-caulking seams, and more.

Guard Your Yard

Exterior home painting can get messy, and odds are you don’t want to get any paint on your shrubs, grass, or flowers. Protect anything you don’t plan on painting with suitable coverings, such as drop cloths, plastic sheets, tarps, and painter’s tape. You’ll thank yourself when it’s time to clean up.

Prime Before Painting

Priming is the last step to consider before exterior painting this spring. Even the best residential exterior paint won’t live up to its potential if applied to a surface that’s not properly primed. If the existing paint donning your exterior is in decent shape (i.e., not peeling or flaking away), you might not need to apply additional primer beforehand. If, on the other hand, you had to remove the previous paint job and/or you’re coating a bare surface, priming is necessary for ensuring an adhesive, even, beautiful paint job.

Prepare Your Exterior Before Springing into Action

If you plan on painting your home’s exterior this spring, you’re not alone. Make sure you take the right steps beforehand to guarantee the best outcomes. Anderson Painting is here to help you with any stage of the process. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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