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Residential Exterior Painting

Your home provides shelter for you and your family, protecting you from the wind, cold weather, excessive heat, rain, and snow. While you’re safe and sound, your home’s exterior endures these environmental factors every day. The only thing protecting it from severe damage is a good paint job. To keep it protected, professionals advise homeowners to invest in a new coat of exterior paint every 5-7 years. Many homeowners, whether they know it or not, are overdue for some house painting to take care of their exterior.

Of course, there’s more to taking care of your home’s outside than just painting. The surface should be cleaned to keep mildew and mold from forming. Anderson Painting covers all of these bases and more.

Our Process

Before we begin painting your home’s exterior, we conduct prep work to maximize the longevity of the paint job. First, we power wash every surface of your home. This removes dirt and mildew, which will allow the paint to better adhere to the house. If paint from the previous job is chipping or peeling, we remove it so the new paint has a solid substrate to stick to. Any wooden surfaces must be sealed to protect them from moisture and cold. Then, we will caulk any cracks we find from old caulk jobs.

To prevent paint from dripping or splashing on your lawn, furniture, or unpainted fixtures, we place covers and drop cloths on these surfaces. As we prime and paint your home using Sherwin Williams product, we will look for structural damages and inform you along the way if anything needs immediate repair. When the job is done for the day or completely finished, we’ll clean up all supplies, paint chips, and anything else that wasn’t there before.

Our People

The only way for us to provide our customers with the best service is to hire the best people. Anderson Painting contractors are hired for their compassion, work ethic, and willingness to learn. We provide our people with extensive training so they can handle any job and answer any question you may have for them. You want your home’s exterior to look great and stand out on your street. So do we. Our staff takes pride in beautifying our community’s homes and we won’t be satisfied until you are.

What to Expect From Us

We understand that homeowners don’t want Raleigh house painters surrounding their property for days on end. Anderson Painting and power washing get the job done efficiently and we clean up quickly so you can enjoy your freshly painted property in peace. As we work, we will respond to any answers or requests. We will also ask our customers questions to ensure that everyone is on the same page every step of the process.

One thing that separates Anderson Painting from other Raleigh painting services is our lead-based certification. Homes built before 1978 might contain lead paint, inside and out. Lead paint has been proven to cause illness and physical damage in children and young adults. Our team can safely remove, contain, and dispose of this material if applicable. We will then repaint these surfaces with fresh, safe paint.

Your home’s exterior must be cleaned and painted every now and then to keep your family safe and to keep your home looking fresh. You have many options if you're ready to hire a Raleigh house painting company. Choose the trusted professionals. Anderson Painting has been serving residents of the Greater Triangle Area for over a decade, and we’re happy to continue making our communities safer, more beautiful places to live.

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