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How to Protect Your Interior Drywall From Damage

Drywall is a common choice for interior walls because it is lightweight, easy to handle and install, and inexpensive. Ho...

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New exterior siding on a beach house.

What Siding Material Is Best Suited for a Beach Home or Waterfront Property?

The exterior siding of a beach home or waterfront property must be high-quality and exceptionally strong to withstand ha...

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Newly painted walls in a bedroom.

Interior Painting: Will Painting My Walls Different Colors Make My Space Look Weird?

The effect of painting walls different colors can be favorable or disastrous depending on the colors you choose and how ...

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Power washing hose.

How Often Should You Power Wash Your Home?

Power washing your home is a great way to protect your paint job, remove dirt, mold, and mildew, and give your exterior ...

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New Penntek floors in a facility.

Six Reasons Penntek Floors Are a Solid Investment for Your Wilmington, NC Commercial Facility

Every commercial property in Wilmington, NC requires durable flooring for safety and compliance purposes. Many types of ...

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Newly painted white cabinets in a kitchen.

Why Painting Your Cabinets Matters Just as Much as Painting Your Walls

Are your cabinets looking dated? Are they dark and dingy? If so, it is probably time for cabinet painting. This article ...

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