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Paint roller on a textured surface

How to Properly Paint Textured Exteriors

Though the majority of modern homes are outfitted with smooth siding such as vinyl and fiber-cement boards, there’s stil...

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Contractor repairing a damaged deck

Most Common Repairs that Deck Owners Often Miss

Winter is over, which means deck season has officially arrived. To get the most out of your deck this year and beyond, i...

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Realtor checking plumbing under a sink

What Repairs to Look for When Considering a Home Purchase

No one said that navigating the home purchase process was easy. In a perfect world, buyers and sellers would quickly com...

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Power washer cleaning a home's siding

The Power of Power Washing: What It Can Do for Your Home

Spring cleaning is on the minds of many homeowners these days, yours included, perhaps. When it comes to this seasonal r...

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Contractor coating a floor in Raleigh

How Concrete Floor Coatings Can Help Your New Fixer Upper

There are many reasons to purchase a fixer upper. These properties are cheaper than their newer counterparts and provide...

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Deck Staining 101: Different Types of Paint and Stain

Now’s a great time to start thinking about how you want to protect and enhance your outdoor deck for the warmer months a...

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