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The Anderson Painting Blog

Holiday Party Prep: Fresh, Festive Paint

The holidays are almost here. During such a turbulent year, no one would blame you for forgetting just how close these f...

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Interior Concrete Usage vs. Exterior Concrete Usage

Few building materials are more sturdy or reliable than concrete. It’s no wonder, then, that concrete has been used for ...

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How an Unexpected Front Door Color Can Liven a House

Imagine entering a home that you’ve made up in your mind. Now, ask yourself this question: what color was the front door...

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Top Uses for Concrete Coatings and What They Can Do for Resale Value

Whether you own a home, business, or both, maintaining your property’s value is always important, even if thoughts of se...

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How to Store Paint Like a Professional

No matter the size or type of a particular paint job, estimating the proper amount of paint or deck stain you’ll need ca...

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Steps to Take Before Painting Concrete Flooring

Before you start applying concrete floor paint, you’ll want to make sure your floors are properly prepared for maximum a...

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