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Siding & Trim Repairs

You want your home’s exterior to look great and function well. Investing in good carpentry repair, trim work, and siding can enhance a home’s curb appeal. Properly installed siding protects your home from wind, moisture, and excessive sunlight. It also insulates your home, keeping it from getting too hot or too cold.

But what if something goes wrong? Even with careful maintenance, a home’s exterior will inevitably take some damage over time. If that damage goes too far, your home won’t just look less appealing, it will be less safe. Anderson Painting provides carpentry repair, siding, and trip repair services to help keep your home beautiful and safe.

Anderson Painting's Siding & Trim Repairs

Carpentry Repair and Rotted Wood Replacement

Wood is a classic home material. It’s versatile, sturdy, and pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, it’s highly susceptible to water damage. Moisture will seep into the grain, contracting in cold weather and expanding in warm conditions. Eventually, this process takes its toll and causes wood to either break or rot. Of course, regularly sealing and/or painting wooden items helps keep moisture away from the material, extending its lifespan. However, rainy seasons and harsh winters can nullify even the best seal jobs.

You should check your home’s wooden features on a yearly basis, or more often. This is especially crucial if you own a wooden deck. Decks are often held up by wooden support posts, which can collapse if not properly maintained. It’s also wise to inspect your wooden trim every so often. Because trim is so thin, it’s often the first wooden feature to need repairing or replacing. Anderson Painting contractors can easily get rid of breaking or rotted trim pieces and replace them with brand new ones. We’ll also keep your deck sturdy and safe by repairing or replacing planks or support posts if necessary.

Siding Repairs

Vinyl siding requires slightly less maintenance than wooden features, but it can still take damage. Homeowners in Raleigh, NC should hire Raleigh power washing services to keep their siding clean. This helps prevent mold and mildew from forming on the house. Of course, no matter how clean you keep your siding, it won’t help if it gets bruised, dinged, scratched, or punctured. If this happens, Anderson Painting can repair your siding or replace the damaged siding boards entirely.

Whether it’s a patch job or an entire replacement, you want the new pieces to match the existing siding. We will make sure that the replacement matches the color and material of your siding. If we cannot find the exact piece, we’ll paint the new area the same color as the rest of your siding. You’ll never know there was any damage in the first place.

Anderson Painting takes pride in improving our communities in the Greater Triangle area. Our people aren’t just Raleigh house painters, but dedicated and well-trained contractors equipped to make your home or business safer and better looking than ever before.

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