Make a Great Impression with Your Commercial Space

Commercial Painting Services

Your commercial building represents your business and livelihood, so it should reflect the high quality and care you put into your work. With our commercial painting services, we help you refresh your business’ interior and exterior. From restaurants and lawyer’s offices to retail stores and pharmaceutical companies to marketing firms and schools, Anderson Painting’s commercial painting experience covers any and all commercial sites. No job is too big or too small!


For all of our projects, careful preparation is always the first step. We want to give you a beautiful interior and exterior that will last, so we prepare every inch of your building for new paint. We’ll use primer and caulk to maintain your building’s exterior integrity. Inside, we’ll carefully place drop cloths to protect your furniture and unpainted surfaces from paint splatter. Next, we thoroughly clean your surfaces to ensure the best results.

Quality of Service

With Anderson Painting, you get the highest quality painting services in Raleigh — guaranteed. We work hard to create beautiful results, transforming any area into your ideal workspace. As we work, we also pay attention to your building’s integrity, helping you maintain your business for years to come.

Commitment to Excellence

Painting projects often disrupt business and daily schedules, so we do our best to work quickly and efficiently to minimize any issues with your day-to-day business needs. We’re committed to accommodating our customer’s schedules, ensuring we complete all painting work at the most convenient time possible. No matter the size or nature of your project, we’re dedicated to your satisfaction. We also welcome all questions and concerns, giving you the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy both the process and results.

Serving Every Commercial Building

We carry the appropriate levels of workman’s compensation and general liability insurance coverage needed for commercial painting contracts. Whether your project involves a restaurant, religious facility, shelter, office, or any other commercial or community building, we’ll be there to provide the commercial interior and exterior painting you need.

Anderson Painting is proud to serve our customers and community with high-quality commercial painting services. We’re committed to continuing to bring this quality to Raleigh, North Carolina, and other locations in the Greater Triangle Area.

Painting Contractors Raleigh NC

Painting businesses in Raleigh, NC is a smoother process if you hire a local commercial painter. Local painters are committed to clear communication and availability to their clients. They know the neighborhood, and understand how painting choices impact both curb appeal and structural integrity. Your business is your livelihood. Hire a commercial painter your colleagues trust to get every painting project done right.

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Anderson Painting is a licensed, professional painting company based in Raleigh, NC and serving the Greater Triangle area.
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