Elevate Your Enjoyment of Your Basement with a Lasting Coating

Basement Coatings

Your basement offers a great space to use for entertaining, relaxing, or starting a new hobby. No matter what you use it for, however, it can be hard to create a comfortable space without the right kind of flooring. By adding a floor coating to your basement, you can quickly turn your low-quality flooring into a cohesive part of your interior design.

While refinishing your basement floor can elevate your room’s look, it also offers many other benefits to your home. If your concrete is cracked, chipped, or uneven, our basement floor coating can repair the damage and even out the surface. It also offers a strong barrier to moisture and pests, increasing the durability and lifespan of your flooring.

How We Improve Your Basement Flooring

At Anderson Painting, we coat all of our floors with Penntek Coatings. Designed with multiple layers, each coating uses a primer, a basecoat of industrial epoxy floor paint, and a top layer of polyurea, which is incredibly flexible and hardy. This formula and design offers a durable, moisture-resistant sealant that protects your basement floor from water damage, chemicals, and cracks. It is easy to clean and maintain, allowing you to sweep and wash your basement without worry or wear. Plus, while most concrete floor coatings only last a couple of years, Penntek Coatings can last for more than two decades, giving you a dependable coating that you only have to apply once.

When adding a basement coating, you can choose from a variety of customization options. Our coatings are available in pre-tinted colors in numerous customizable hues, allowing you to complete your decor with a floor that matches your style. You can also select metallic, quartz, chip, solid-color, and other available coating styles.

Our Process

To start, we’ll first measure your basement to ensure we order the right amount of coating. Then, we’ll check your floor for any stains, cracks, and damage that might affect the final result. Once we’ve repaired and filled in the cracks and damages, we’ll thoroughly clean and buff your basement flooring. This helps to remove any stains and debris and gives us the best surface to work with.

Once prepped, we’ll apply your Penntek basement coating. Our process takes less than 24 hours and allows us to move quickly so we minimize any disruption to your home. You’ll soon have a beautiful, slip-resistant, and durable basement floor that will serve you and your family through many years and memories.

We’re proud of our work and our results, always working hard to offer excellence to our customers. With Anderson Painting, you’ll enjoy an amazing experience and great results. We love our community and are excited to help beautify the Greater Triangle Area, one home at a time.

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