The Good News and the Bad News: Southern Home Exteriors

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Newly painted home in Raleigh

There are many perks to living in the southern United States. Generally speaking, southern residents tend to enjoy a lower cost of living, warmer weather year-round, and more space to spread out. Of course, southern living has its downsides, too. While conditions vary from one region to the next, the southern U.S. climate can do a number on homes of all shapes and sizes, making exterior maintenance a top priority. Raleigh, North Carolina is by no means in the deep south, but even homes in this capital city can have a hard time withstanding the weather as the years pass by.

Let’s explore both the good and bad news surrounding southern home exteriors and how you might make the most out of your situation.

Benefits of Winter in the South

We’ll start with the positive aspects of caring for your home in Raleigh, NC.

Shorter, Milder Winters

Up north, homeowners are often on a strict timetable when it comes to residential exterior painting. Once the cold air blows in, this project can be put on hold for several months. While Raleigh, NC gets its share of winter weather, winter’s window and wrath are far less substantial than they are further north. On the whole, the weather stays warmer for longer down south, making it possible to hire Raleigh house painters for exterior projects as late as December and sometimes as early as February (this varies from one year to the next). All of this amounts to more flexibility when it comes to scheduling paint projects and hiring professionals.

Plenty of Sunshine

Compared to the national average, Raleigh, NC gets about 8 more sunny days (213 compared to 205); though this might seem miniscule, this additional sunshine creates even more flexibility when it comes to exterior painting. While it’s best for exterior painters to work in partially cloudy conditions, sunlight is needed to provide clear visuals and reveal various surface imperfections that need correcting. In this way, it’s slightly easier to repair and touch up southern home exteriors than their northern counterparts.

Plenty of Tree Coverage in the Southeast

Though plenty of southern regions are arid and devoid of significant plant life, the southeastern U.S. (where Raleigh, NC resides) is full of flora. Some plant life can certainly contribute to exterior deterioration, but other vegetation can actually help guard your home against environmental threats. Tall trees, for instance, can provide necessary shade to a southern home, protecting its exterior surfaces from harsh sunlight. North Carolina consists of nearly 60% forest, so many homes in this region are surrounded by a shield of shade.

The Bad News about Southern Home Exteriors

Now let’s discuss the many ways in which the southern climate can harm your home.

Heat and Humidity

The south is known for many things, but heat and humidity are often placed at the top of the list. Raleigh, NC can get quite hot and humid, especially between July and August. Unfortunately, high temperatures and humidity levels can cause exterior house paint to peel, chip, and fade away over time. Specialized exterior paints can help prevent these outcomes, but there’s no escaping the south’s harshest conditions.

Searing Sun

The southern sun is directly related to the region’s relatively high temperatures. As touched on earlier, direct sunlight can damage paint and lead to discoloration. For this reason, you’ll find that many southern homeowners opt for white exterior paint. More than merely an aesthetic choice, lighter paint reflects sunlight and is inherently immune to fading. By keeping the sun’s rays at bay, white painted homes are able to remain cooler both inside and out.

Pesky Pests

Humans aren’t the only ones that enjoy living in the south -- this region is also home to countless insects, rodents, and other lifeforms that can damage your exterior surfaces. Wooden surfaces are at the greatest risk, as termites, carpenter bees, ants, and other wood-boring pests are rampant down south and elsewhere. Various pest control measures are worth pursuing to keep your home and family safe. It’s also important to seal the pores of your exterior surfaces to prevent various pests from eating and/or burrowing into them.

Southern Living: Taking the Good with the Bad

No matter where you live, there will always be external threats to your home. Understanding the south’s specific hazards can help you better protect and maintain your southern home exterior. At Anderson Painting, we know the ins and outs of conditions in and near Raleigh, NC. Let us help you get your home in shape for every season.

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