What Are the Best Residential Exterior Painting Colors for Modern Homes

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There’s no single way to define a “modern home.” That said, we tend to judge homes by their outward appearance, even if doing so doesn’t take the property’s full value into account. If you’re looking to modernize your home, then you must consider how it looks from the curb – and color is a crucial factor. But what are the best residential exterior painting colors for modern homes? Let’s discuss.

Would You Rather Fit in or Stand Out?

The color of your house exterior says a lot about your personality. A bright, saturated external paint job conveys individuality and an urge to stand apart from the pack; a neutral, toned down exterior sends the message that you’d rather stick with what’s trending and blend in. Whether you lean one way or the other (or somewhere in between), there are exterior paint colors that can suit your needs while retaining a modern look. Off-whites, beiges, grays, and muted tones offer modern style without calling too much attention to themselves. Conversely, you might go with something more yellow, blue, or even green for your modern residential exterior painting project to make more of a statement without becoming a throwback.

Location Matters

The answer to the question “what is the best color for a modern house?” partially depends on where you live. Not only are current color trends different from one region to the next – different landscapes and climates may lend themselves more or less to certain residential exterior color schemes. If you’ve ever perused waterfront properties near Raleigh, NC or elsewhere, you’re bound to see more than a few homes painted with various shades of blue contrasted with grays, whites, yellows, and reds. These nautical palettes might not be for everyone, but they certainly match the atmosphere. Likewise, you’ll find that many modern homes in scorching desert areas don neutral and/or warm colors, such as clay, off-white, brown, beige, red, etc. If your Raleigh, NC home is surrounded by green spaces for most of the year, you might take these natural colors into consideration when painting your home exterior as well.

Contrast Is Key

When selecting an exterior paint color for your home, you’re rarely going to be looking at just one color. After you’ve chosen the main color for your siding, you’ll also have to figure out how you want to paint your trim, doors, and other exterior features. Most modern homes opt for a stark contrast between these elements to create a more striking curb appeal and emphasize each aspect of the property. Simply put, darker colors should be met with lighter counterparts and vice versa. So, if you go with an off-white for your siding, you might select dark grey, black, or brown for your trim – and you might choose yet another color for your front door.

Which Paint Color Is Best for Your Home?

So, which exterior colors are right for your modern home? Just as there’s no single answer regarding the best color for your home interior, there are multiple ways to approach painting your modern home’s exterior. By considering personal preference, current color trends, location, and contrast opportunities, you can find what works best for your property. And the experts at Anderson Painting are here to help make this process as painless and rewarding as possible.

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