How to Protect Exterior Siding from Harsh Winters

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Snow on a home in Raleigh

As we get on in life, the thought of winter becomes less and less appealing. Instead of building snow forts and making snow angels, our minds tend to fixate on the potential damage winter weather can do to our property. Even if you’re safe and sound inside your home all winter long, the harsh winds, cold air, and snowfall can damage your home’s siding throughout the season. Once spring returns to the world, your home might need major siding repairs, if not a siding replacement job altogether. Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid these outcomes -- you just have to be willing to perform some preventative and ongoing maintenance to keep winter’s wrath at bay. Living in an area like Raleigh, NC, doesn’t hurt, either, as winters here tend to be relatively mild. Still, it’s always smart to be prepared for the worst. Here’s how to protect your exterior siding from the harshest of winters.

How to Protect Your Home from Winter Weather

Keep Snow Off Your Roof

Water damage is the primary concern for your home during winter. A single snowflake isn’t substantial, but when several snowflakes begin to fall, your siding may be in trouble. Of course, unless it’s really windy out there, most snowflakes won’t land on your siding directly but will instead accumulate on your roof. As more and more snow builds up on top of your home, it not only creates pressure but also forces the gradually melting snow downward along your siding. This moisture will find any cracks or gaps on your home’s exterior and seep inside. As temperatures fluctuate, this moisture will then expand and contract, causing the siding to potentially warp and fracture.

This entire process can be nipped in the bud by preventing snow from piling up on your roof. If you want to protect your siding this winter, then make sure your roof is clear from any debris prior to the season, and do your best to remove snow from your roof after a major snowfall (seek professional help to ensure safety). Fortunately, Raleigh, NC, receives far less snow annually (about 4 inches) than the national average (about 28 inches), so you may only need to remove snow from your roof once or twice during the season, if at all.

Clear and Repair Your Gutters Before Winter Sets In

The problems outlined above are exacerbated by clogged and/or damaged gutters. Your gutters and downspouts are meant to capture water from your roof and relay it away from your home’s siding and foundation. If your gutters aren’t functioning properly, however, this water will instead fall directly downward, forming ice dams and harming your home’s exterior in the process. Not only must you keep snow off your roof, then -- you must also maintain your gutters all season long. Before winter even begins, it’s crucial to remove any leaves and other debris from your gutters so water can quickly stream away from your property. And if your gutters are bent, broken, or otherwise damaged, get them fixed and fully functional prior to winter’s entry.

Inspect and Repair Your Siding

Winter isn’t the only time of year that threatens your siding. On the contrary, your home’s exterior is at risk all year long from forces like harsh sunlight, pests, wind, rain, humidity, and more. If your home’s siding is already in poor shape before winter, harsh winter conditions will only make matters worse. Staying on top of siding repair and maintenance is essential for keeping your siding safe during the worst of winter. If you notice issues with your siding, such as chipping exterior painting, cracks, broken panels, etc., address these problems as soon as you can to avoid larger issues down the line.

Keep Your Siding on Winter’s Good Side

Even in Raleigh, NC’s temperate climate, winter can do a number on your siding. Save yourself time, money, and headaches by preparing your home for the worst case scenario. The experts at Anderson Painting are here to help you with siding repair, maintenance, and replacement, as well as exterior painting, carpentry, power washing, and more.

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