How to Refinish Garage Floors Before Winter

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Refinishing a garage floor.

Winter is coming, which means the clock is ticking for a number of property renovations. Fortunately, Raleigh, NC residents typically enjoy mild winter weather. That said, many homeowners and business owners prefer to tackle exterior repairs and renovations well before winter’s arrival. A garage floor refinishing project is primarily an interior affair, but it’s often treated like an exterior project – after all, garages are hybrid spaces, offering a direct line to the outside world. Moreover, proper ventilation is a crucial safety component of any floor coating project, so you’ll want to have your garage doors open while the work is being done. If outdoor temperatures are too frigid, flooring contractors might struggle to get the job done.

For all these reasons, you’ll want to update your garage flooring during the summer or fall. Here’s how to refinish garage floors before Old Man Winter rears his frosty head.

How to Refinish Garage Floors Before Winter

Plan Your Attack

If you’re aiming to refinish your garage flooring before winter, you still have some time to prepare – this is good news, as you don’t want to dive right into such a project without first identifying your needs and goals. There are countless garage flooring options available, ranging in cost, durability, longevity, comfortability, flexibility, aesthetics, and more. Sorting through all these choices takes time, so the sooner you start comparing coatings and coverings, the better. Of course, narrowing down your floor finishing search is only one item on your preparation to-do list. You must also prepare your garage and its flooring for the upcoming project. Even if you’re still months or weeks away from refinishing your floors, you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to clean and clear out your garage and wash its floors. The more you do to prepare your space now, the less time it will take to refinish your floors later on.

Start Saving

Refinishing your garage floors is going to cost you. The precise cost of such a project depends on many variables, such as the quality of coatings you select, the contractor you hire, the size of your garage, etc. Researching average costs of similar projects and receiving multiple estimates from contractors will help you set a ballpark budget. If the price is higher than you anticipated, you might adjust your plans accordingly. Keep in mind, however, that cheaper concrete floor coatings and coverings can cost you more in the long run due to shorter lifespan and higher maintenance needs (read our blog, “Pros and Cons of Discount Garage Flooring for Your Home”). It’s almost always worth dishing out more for longer-lasting, sturdier coatings. Knowing this, give yourself enough time to save enough to cover the costs of this project, and see if your contractor offers a reasonable payment plan if you won’t be able to scrounge up the cash before winter comes.

Schedule Your Flooring Services Months in Advance

Winter is still a ways off, but it will be here before you know it. If you wait until the tail end of autumn to hire floor refinishing experts, they might not be able to deliver their services in time. Save yourself the headache by getting in touch with a reliable local flooring provider several weeks (if not months) ahead of time. Make sure to do your research into several contractors, too. Certain contractors may be better suited for your scheduling needs, and some offer better products than others. At Anderson Painting, for instance, we recommend and install Penntek polyurea coatings for residential and commercial garage applications. These coatings offer superior durability, longevity, flexibility, safety, customization, and aesthetics. Let us help you get your garage floors done in time for winter’s arrival.

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