Fall-Friendly Interior Wall Colors that Will Wow Your Holiday Guests

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While seasons vary in presentation and length from region to region, autumn is widely known as the most colorful time of year. And what better way to honor the vibrancy of this season than by painting your interior walls with some fall-friendly colors? These colors typically range from deep browns to bright yellows, with reds and oranges in between. Various shades of green and other neutral tones are also welcome parts of any autumnal palette.

If you want to impress your holiday guests this year, now is the time to pick your colors and hire a Raleigh painting service! At Anderson Painting, we use the highest quality Sherwin-Williams paint products to transform your home. There are countless colors to choose from, so here are just some of our color recommendations for your fall painting project.

Positive Red

Red is always a bold, striking color choice, but it can be warm and inviting, too. Sherwin-Williams’ Positive Red has it all. It’s rich and saturated without being too bright or aggressive. This color works well for both fall and winter, and really stands out against shades of white such as Ibis or Toque White if you plan on painting a room two colors. For a little more brightness, Real Red is a good alternative, while Heartthrob presents a slightly darker choice.

Obstinate Orange

Autumn’s orange tones cover the entire spectrum, ranging from darker, almost brown colors to those approaching yellow. If you don’t know which direction to go when choosing orange for your interior, Obstinate Orange provides a good balance. This color is somewhere between the hue’s darker and lighter ends and makes walls burst with energy and warmth. If you want to lighten up your room, though, something like Osage Orange, which is a bit more yellow, might do the trick.


Just like orange, the color yellow is prominently featured in various ways during fall. In terms of interior painting, certain types of yellow can become overbearing and distract the eye. To combat this, homeowners might have their Raleigh house painters mute the color a bit by adding white or black (or choosing an already dampened color). Pastel yellows, for instance, are great for spring and summer. Fall, however, warrants richer yellow tones. Goldfinch provides a warm, buttery, soothing yellow that’s easy on the eyes and perfect for hosting holiday gatherings.

Rock Garden

While some leaves lose their green color as autumn goes on, green is still quite conspicuous during this time of year, especially in pine trees. Darker greens are a strong choice for a fall and winter interior. Rock Garden by Sherwin-Williams evokes the woods on a cloudy day, as this green is dampened by grey. Foxhall Green gets even darker and greyer, while Espalier makes more of a statement with its rich green color.

Status Bronze

Brown might not be the most awe-inspiring color of fall, but certain shades make great choices for interior walls. Status Bronze has the slightest hint of gold beneath the brown surface, resembling barren trees on sunny fall days. Dark Clove is another strong option if you’re considering going with brown and want Anderson Painting contractors to darken your interior.

Just as there is no shortage of colors during fall, there is no shortage of paint color options for your interior space. The colors listed above are just suggestions to help you get some ideas for your next painting project. If you want to get started before the holidays, call Anderson Painting today at 919-610-1855 or email us at info@andersonpaintingnc.com!

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