These Paint Colors Could Increase Your Home’s Value

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If the past two decades have shown us anything, it’s that the housing market can be a bit of a crapshoot. Real estate values can fluctuate wildly based on several factors, especially when managed poorly by lenders. However, the market has balanced itself out in recent years, so homeowners can rely a bit more on their home’s resale value and react to the market with more confidence. Still, even with the market’s day-to-day changes, some factors determining home value remain constant. These include aesthetic features like landscaping, interior design, and paint color.

Indeed, the colors of a home’s exterior features and interior rooms can dramatically affect its price and appeal. If you’re thinking about selling your home this year, it might be time to hire Raleigh house painters. The question remains, however: Which colors reliably increase a home’s value? While trends may change over time, let’s look at the most recent data.

Home Exterior Paint Colors

Before even entering your home, a potential buyer will be faced with its outside appearance. This curb appeal is a major player in appraising a home’s value. Choosing the right color is important for getting the most bang for your buck.

Neutral Tends to Win

You might think that a dramatic, bright exterior will capture the most attention, thereby increasing your home’s value. However, keep in mind that attention can be plenty negative as well. All told, less bold colors tend to hold the most value for exteriors. Neutral tones like grays and beige appeal to the broadest demographic and are more likely to stay in style longer. These colors are somewhat timeless, not nearly as susceptible to the volatile nature of trends. According to Zillow, homes donning these shades were worth about $1,500 more than their white counterparts. So, tell your Raleigh house painting service to keep it neutral on the outside.

Don’t Forget the Doors

The majority of your home’s exterior should be one color. However, trim, doors, and other outstanding features should serve to accent the exterior. Doors in particular serve as the entryways to a home, so their color has a major impact on its value. Recent trends indicate that darker blue or gray doors often increase a home’s price tag by a similar amount as painting the rest of the exterior. For such a small paint job, that’s a large return on investment.

Home Interior Paint Colors

While the exterior colors make a difference in value, a home’s interior aesthetic can skyrocket its worth. After all, prospective buyers understand that most of their time will be spent inside the home, whether relaxing, dining, or hosting. Each room, of course, requires specific attention regarding its color scheme.

Keep Living Rooms Neutral

Like an exterior, a living room is typically worth the most when it’s painted in neutral colors. Off-whites, beiges, and browns do the trick here. These colors don’t demand so much mental energy, and create a relaxing atmosphere fitting for the living space. Consult your Raleigh painting company for some specific color schemes in this arena.

Blue Seems to Be Best

For all other rooms of the home, shades of blue seem to add value. This is most true for bathrooms. According to Zillow, painting a bathroom shades of blue can increase the home’s market price by over $5,000. Muted shades of blue work for kitchens as well. Make sure to contrast the walls by painting cabinets white, of course. Even dining rooms and bedrooms can benefit from blue, according to recent trends.

Nothing is Set in Stone

As with any trend, these colors are the hot thing right now, but new colors might reign supreme in the future. When preparing to sell your home, pay attention to the latest statistics and respond accordingly. There may be no objective answer to which colors are the most valuable, but staying on top of the times will help.

Of course, you’ll need help getting the job done as well. Fortunately, you can rely on Anderson Painting contractors to get your home up to date and ready for sale both inside and out. The colors matter, but so does the quality of the paint job itself. To learn more about us and our services, call Anderson Painting today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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