Why Garage Floor Coverings Are Right for a Commercial Garage

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You must invest in various renovations to keep your business up to date and appealing to everyone who enters. As you prioritize this list of renovations, your commercial garage might not end up on your radar – that is, unless your business primarily operates out of a garage (e.g., auto repair shops, showrooms, etc.). Whether your garage is a prominent feature of your business or merely a place for people to park, however, neglecting this area and its floors is a mistake. As such, the addition of garage floor coverings or coatings shouldn’t go overlooked. While the former term (coverings) technically refers to mats, tiles, carpets, and other non-permanent materials that rest over flooring, the term, “garage floor covering” can informally refer to non-fixed coverings and adhesive coatings alike. Let’s go over why durable floor coatings are so important for commercial garages and which particular options are best.

Benefits of Durable Floor Coatings

Guarding Your Floors from Regular Activity

The wear and tear that affects any garage floor can eventually render it unsafe for use, forcing you to invest in costly repairs. Highly active commercial garage floors often undergo this deterioration at a rapid rate, as vehicles, heavy machinery, and foot traffic constantly put pressure on the surface. Garage floor coverings establish a buffer between this activity and the underlying surface, mitigating the negative effects of all relevant threats, including moisture, chemicals, weight/pressure, abrasion, impact, temperature fluctuation, and so on. It’s worth noting that floor coatings tend to offer a deeper level of protection from these threats than standard coverings since coatings penetrate the concrete’s pores and last a long time.

Keeping Up Appearances

You might not think that your garage’s appearance makes much of a difference on your business's bottom line. On the contrary, the look of every facet of your facility matters, and garages are no exceptions. A clean, bright environment boosts employee morale and improves the customer experience. And since many of us expect garages to be drab and dingy, walking into a well-kempt garage makes a major positive impression. The overall atmosphere of your commercial garage begins with your flooring. Investing in reflective, easy-to-clean garage floor coverings naturally brightens the entire room and provides a smooth yet slip-resistant surface for all patrons and personnel.

Exploring Commercial Garage Flooring Options

Now that we’ve established how a garage floor covering can preserve your business’ assets and improve its appearance, it’s time to go over your options. As mentioned earlier, garage floor protection solutions can be divided into non-fixed coverings and adhesive coatings. Coverings don’t protect your floors as well as coatings, but they’re often easier to install, move, and switch out. If you decide to go with coverings, consider rubber/polyvinyl plastic roll-out mats or interlocking tiling systems made from rubber, wood composite, or PVC. Both options are highly flexible, making your commercial garage floor more comfortable to walk on.

As for garage floor coatings, epoxy is the most popular choice, offering several years of strong protection and a variety of color options. That said, Anderson Painting recommends and installs Penntek polyurea coatings for both commercial and residential purposes. Thanks to their special formula and multi-layered design, Penntek garage floor coatings last longer than traditional epoxy coatings. When well-maintained, these highly customizable and convenient coatings can endure for over a decade before you even have to think about touching them up or replacing them.

Covering All Your Business’s Bases

Your garage is more important than you might give it credit for – give it the care it deserves with long-lasting, beautiful garage floor coatings. Whether you’re considering Penntek solutions or an alternative, Anderson Painting can help you find the right floor covering solutions for your needs. To learn more about us and all we do for our Raleigh, NC, clients, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at info@andersonpaintingnc.com!

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