Late Summer Patio Repairs to Think About

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Newly cleaned patio

Summer may be on its way out, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your patio already. You can still get plenty of use out of your outdoor spaces during fall, so long as you keep up with routine maintenance. Indeed, by the time autumn rolls around, your patio might require some attention; all of that summer activity, heat, and humidity can take its toll. Let’s go over some late summer patio repairs to think about so you can continue to get the most out of this feature and prepare it for the cooler months ahead.

How to Repair a Patio

Wash Away Dirt, Mold, and Grime

More of a maintenance task than a repair, power washing your patio at the end of summer or beginning of fall is an efficient way to clear away any dirt, mold, and grime that may have built up during the season. Neglecting this periodic washing won’t just leave you with an exterior eyesore -- it will also pave the way for deeper patio problems that will require significant repair down the road. Thoroughly cleaning your patio flooring is also a prerequisite for installing new coatings, which we’ll discuss later on.

Fill Cracks in Your Patio Flooring

Porous concrete patio floors are bound to fracture here and there as the earth shifts and the environment takes its toll. While deep, wide cracks can become major problems for your patio, thin fractures are easy to repair. The sooner you fix these fractures with quality concrete crack filler, the less of a threat they’ll pose to your patio as a whole. It’s worth noting that many experts say you don’t have to worry about hairline fractures, as these are merely cosmetic concerns and are more trouble to repair than they’re worth. Still, keep an eye on these young cracks, as they can evolve to the point where repairs are necessary.

Replace Uneven Pavers

Over time, pavers can pop, sink, and/or break. When this happens, your patio becomes more vulnerable to moisture, pest intrusion, and other problems, so it’s important not to wait too long to amend the issue. Fortunately, repairing or replacing uneven pavers is typically a quick and easy process when handled by a professional.

Eliminate Weeds

Nature finds a way to thrive anywhere it can, including the tiniest gaps and cracks in your patio flooring. Even if you like the look of this green presence, weed growth can attract pests, contribute to cracks, and eventually upend your pavers. Be careful when pulling weeds from your patio, as deep enough roots can damage your patio from below. Instead, try using an herbicidal spray that kills the roots of these weeds before pulling them out.

Install Fresh Patio Coatings

Before autumn sets in, it’s wise to install new concrete patio coatings, especially if your patio flooring is wearing down and hasn’t received fresh protection in several years. There are many types of outdoor concrete floor coatings available, from epoxy or acrylic elastomeric to polyurea and more. Do your research before selecting a sealing agent, as some might be better or worse suited for your regional climate and specific needs. Properly coating your patio before fall will protect it from thermal shock, fallen leaves and other debris, pests, moisture, UV radiation, snow, and more.

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