How Wood Stain Finish Can Prepare Your Deck for the Winter

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Rain pouring on a wood deck.

Raleigh, NC residents still have several months to enjoy their outdoor decks. This doesn’t change the fact that winter is on its way. While winters are usually mild in this region, colder temperatures, occasional snowfalls, and other conditions can do a number on your deck if it’s not well-prepared for the seasonal change. Decking experts recommend staining your deck about every 2-3 years to give it a fresh start and fortify its integrity. If your deck is due for a new coating, you won’t want to wait too long to tackle this project – once the cold weather sets in, you might not be able to apply fresh stain until spring.

Here’s how high-quality wood stain finish can prepare your deck for winter weather.

How High-Quality Wood Stain Finish Can Prepare Your Deck for the Winter

Shield Your Deck’s Pores from Snow and Ice

Wood is porous, meaning it’s filled with countless tiny holes that small particles – including water molecules – can enter. Water might not seem like a major threat, but its regular presence can cause wood to warp and rot, altering not only your deck’s appearance but also its integrity. As such, rain is always a concern for your deck, no matter the season. During winter, however, you’ll have to contend with snow and ice, too. These colder forms of precipitation can deteriorate your deck even more quickly than rain because of their low temperature and ability to linger (consider how long a pile of snow can last on a given surface before finally evaporating). With all this mind, applying a waterproof deck stain is essential for keeping your deck in decent shape all winter long (and beyond).

Insulate Your Deck from the Cold Air

Living in Raleigh, NC has its advantages, and the milder temperatures certainly make the list. Still, temperatures can dip into the lower 30s (Fahrenheit) during winter’s peak, especially overnight. When things get this cold, bare wood becomes brittle and shrinks, becoming more prone to fracturing. Deck staining and sealer helps guard against this type of environmental damage as well. The ability of deck stain to deep into wood’s pores doesn’t just help it repel moisture – it also acts as an insulator, diminishing the negative effects of cold air against your wooden deck. Put simply, a properly stained deck will stay warmer during the winter and undergo less cold-related damage.

Facilitate Winter Deck Cleaning

You might not get much (if any) use out of your deck during winter, but this doesn’t mean you should neglect it throughout the entire season. On the contrary, your wooden deck requires ongoing cleaning all winter long to minimize the negative effects of winter debris, snow, ice, and other threats. Applying the best deck stain for your deck will make these cleaning tasks much easier by providing a smooth, sealed, waterproof surface. So, if snow starts to pile up on your finished deck, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem brushing, sweeping, and squeegeeing it away.

Protect Your Wood Deck from Winter’s Wrath

Winter can be a real drag on your deck, even in a warmer region like Raleigh. Make sure to get your deck staining well before the cold weather sets in to set your deck up for success all winter long. If you need help selecting the right stain and/or applying it, the experts at Anderson Painting are just a call or click away.

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