How to Know You Are Looking at Solid Deck Stain Reviews

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If you want to get the most out of your deck this season and beyond, you’ll want to protect it with high-quality coatings. The more you search for deck stain products, however, the easier it is to get overwhelmed by all the options. Reading reviews for particular products will help you find the most durable products suited for your deck. But just as not all stains are created equal, neither are all deck stain reviews. Discovering the truth about a given deck stain requires a careful eye. Here’s how to know whether or not you’re looking at solid deck stain reviews when comparing products.

How to Look for Solid Deck Stain Reviews

Don’t Stop at a Single Review

Your time is valuable, so no one would blame you for not wanting to comb through countless deck stain reviews. That said, merely reading one review for a product isn’t enough to give you a clear picture of its worth. Once you’ve found a stain you wish to pursue further, read a handful of online reviews across the spectrum (e.g., negative, middling, and positive) and on multiple platforms. In doing so, you can aggregate ratings and reviews and get a more comprehensive sense of a stain’s attributes. Don’t bother reading every review, but prioritize those that offer concise, clearly-written feedback relevant to your needs.

Consider the Source

Just about anyone can leave a review online – this is a great thing in many ways, but it can also muddy the waters. Simply put, some reviewers are better positioned to deliver a meaningful and accurate deck stain review than others. The best deck stain reviews are written by experienced and knowledgeable individuals. Deck stain experts can dig into the details regarding a particular product, explaining where it succeeds and falls short better than those without this particular knowledge set. You might not be equipped to understand certain jargon and concepts, but you can often trust the authority of experts when it comes to separating the worthy stains from the unworthy. Just remember that experts can disagree, too. So, if you’re going to rely on professional opinions, make sure you seek more than one.

Look for Solid Proof

Reading about deck staining products is helpful, but written descriptions only go so far. One of the reasons video sharing platforms like YouTube have become so popular is because they’re rich with useful tutorials and visual examples. If you really want to know how a certain deck stain holds up and looks after drying, no resource is more helpful than a well-recorded video. You might not be able to see the finished product in person, but seeing it through your computer, television, or phone screen is often enough to give you a sense of a stain’s quality when properly applied. The best stain review videos are delivered by deck staining professionals who can explain each step in detail and point out the important elements to look for.

Searching for the Best Deck Stain?

There are many deck stain brands and products on the market. Make your decision easier by reading and viewing multiple reviews, ideally from authoritative sources. And if you’re looking for an additional expert opinion, Anderson Painting has plenty of experience selecting and applying different deck stains across Raleigh, NC. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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