What Is the Best Wood Deck Stain for Spring 2022

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Spring is finally here in Raleigh, NC, which means it’s time to get your deck ready for several months of enjoyment. If it’s been several years since you last coated your wooden deck, now’s the time to invest in a high-quality product to protect its pores from sunlight, moisture, pests, and more. With so many deck stain brands and products on the market, however, you might struggle to make a decision. Let’s go over how to find the best wood deck stain for your spring staining project this year.

Read the Reviews

Whether you’re looking for a great place to stay, a reliable vehicle, or a worthwhile video game, online reviews can significantly help inform your decision – the same goes for different deck stain products. If you’re looking for the best wood deck stain this year, running an online search for the best products is a great place to start. After doing so, you’ll come across various review and shopping sites that display star ratings and customer feedback for particular products. The best deck stain reviews are concise but detailed, clearly indicating the product’s pros and cons. You’ll want to read a handful of reviews across the spectrum (i.e., positive, negative, and in between) to gain a well-rounded perspective. Once you’ve landed on some prime candidates, you can look into each one further to determine whether or not it fits your budget and project goals.

Get a Professional Opinion

Online reviews are helpful, but the average customer leaving a review won’t necessarily know the ins and outs of a deck stain’s composition or how it works (some DIY-ers do, of course). For a more detailed analysis regarding deck stains, you’ll want a professional point of view. When working with a deck staining contractor, ask them about the products they use and recommend and which factors make for the best deck stain. If the contractor is open and communicative, they can fill you in on different types of deck stains, how they interact with different types of wood, and how they hold up against different environmental factors.

Research the Different Types of Deck Stains Out There

The pros can give you plenty of insight into the world of deck stains, but it pays to do your own research, too (especially if you plan on tackling this project yourself). You’ll want to know that deck stains can be divided in a few different ways. Compositionally, stains are either water-based or oil-based. Water-based stains are relatively long-lasting (about 3 years before needing re-application) and more eco-friendly than oil-based stains, but they don’t penetrate wood as deeply as their oil-based counterparts. Conversely, oil-based stains permeate pores deeper and are lower-maintenance over the long-term, though they do need to be re-applied more frequently (every 1-2 years).

Deck stains can also be categorized by their transparency. Transparent stains are thin and see-through, protecting the wood while allowing the natural grain to completely show through. These stains aren’t very effective at blocking sunlight on their own, however. Semi-transparent stains feature some pigment but still show off most of the wood grain. As for solid stains, these are the darkest and thickest of all, acting more like paint. Even the best solid deck stain is prone to cracking and chipping over time, but solid stains offer stronger protection overall than their more translucent alternatives. Understanding the nuances between different stain types will help you find the right one for your deck.

The Verdict

So, what’s the best paint or stain for your wood deck this spring? The answer depends on your budget, your specific circumstances, and your deck’s needs. Doing some online research and reaching out to decking professionals will help you navigate the seemingly endless number of deck stains on the market. Anderson Painting is happy to help you find a suitable stain and, if necessary, have our experienced contractors apply it this spring.

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