How to Prepare Your Backyard for Fall With the Best Deck Stain

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Deck with water droplets and a leaf.

Summer has just begun, so thoughts of changing leaves and cool fall breezes are likely far from your mind. That said, autumn will creep in before you know it. In a temperate region like Raleigh, NC, fall days can still offer plenty of warmth so residents can continue enjoying their patios, porches, and decks well into the season. In order to get the most enjoyment out of your wooden deck, however, you must maintain its structure and appearance. Quality coatings like stains and sealers go a long way toward keeping your deck in great shape for years to come.

Here’s how applying the best deck stain to your backyard deck can help you gear up for autumn.

Reasons to Apply Deck Stain to Your Deck for the Fall

Protect Your Deck from Autumn Conditions

Though fall temperatures often remain warm in Raleigh, there is still a marked difference between summer and autumn conditions. As the seasons shift, leaves gradually change in color and fall from their branches, and temperatures cool down more quickly after the sun goes down – sundown occurs much earlier, too. Generally speaking, Raleigh’s rainiest days occur in August, and these levels of precipitation die down around October and November (still, you can expect some rain during fall). Put simply, your deck will face debris, temperature changes, and other environmental threats as the seasons change. These hazards can cause moisture intrusion, abrasion, warping, rot, and other concerns. Deck staining and sealer products mitigate these problems by blocking off your deck’s pores and providing a durable protective upper layer. With proper maintenance, these coatings can provide ongoing protection for 3-5 years, though it’s often recommended to apply fresh stain or sealer every 2-3 years.

Amplify Your Home’s Outward Appearance

High-quality deck coatings don’t just shield your deck from its environment – they also restore and enhance its appearance. Even if you adore the look of natural, bare wood, a little stain or sealer can go a long way toward emphasizing your deck’s grain and adding a bit of shine. You can go further with these aesthetic adjustments by choosing from various deck stain colors. Compared to paint colors, your stain color options are relatively limited. That said, you can find stains that shift your deck towards red, blue, grey, rich brown, and so on. Consider how these hues might stack up not only against your backyard landscape but also your home’s siding and the beautiful display of fall colors that come every year. The right deck stain color can help you make your home the spotlight of your neighborhood this fall and beyond.

Take Advantage of Summer Conditions

The best time to tackle deck staining varies depending on your location and the conditions of a given year. Summers in Raleigh are typically quite hot, especially early on. By August and September, however, temperatures become more comfortable throughout the day and overnight (there’s also still plenty of daylight to work with). Indeed, the end of summer presents the perfect opportunity for Raleigh residents to stain their decks before autumn arrives in full force. Keep an eye on the forecast, however, as August can be plenty rainy (as mentioned earlier). Ideally, look for a string of 2-3 dry days that offer temperatures between 50° and 90°F, and try to apply stain away from direct sunlight.

Autumn Is on Deck – Is Your Deck Prepared?

In Raleigh, NC, deck season can go all the way until December. Make sure your outdoor deck is covered with high-quality deck stain well in advance of deck season’s conclusion. If you’re not confident in your deck staining abilities, the experts at Anderson Painting are here to help. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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