How to Remove Pool Deck Coating This Spring

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Sealing your pool’s deck with high-quality coatings is a great way to protect the underlying concrete, enhance your outdoor area’s aesthetics, and reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls. And with spring only about a month away, now’s the perfect time to prepare your pool area for the warmer weather. With that in mind, why would anyone want to get rid of their pool deck coatings? In short, you have to eliminate the old to make way for the new. Like any other type of paint, pool deck coatings wear down over time as they endure the elements. Applying fresh coatings over these deteriorating ones can result in poor outcomes and uneven surfaces. So, if you wish to maintain your pool deck this year with new coatings, your first step this spring is to remove the old material.

Let’s break down how to remove a pool deck coating step by step.

Gear Up

Before anything else, you’ll need to invest in the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for the task at hand. Since removing a concrete pool deck coating often involves chemicals, pressurized water, and fumes, you’ll want to wear sturdy clothing, gloves, eyewear, and a respirator. Failing to wear even one of these pieces of PPE can result in injury and put a major pause on your project.

Thoroughly Clean the Surface

Once you’ve protected your body, the next step is to clean every inch of your pool deck. Start simple with a broom and vacuum cleaner to pick up any loose dust and debris that’s covering the underlying coatings. Then, using warm water and soap, scrub the surface down with a wide wire brush. Depending on the condition of your deck’s current coatings, this process may begin to loosen things up quite a bit. For a more powerful initial approach, consider mixing the warm water with trisodium phosphate (TSP) instead of normal soap.

Apply a Stripping Solution

At this juncture, you might still be wondering, “how do you remove pool deck paint?” After all, the cleaning methods described above may or may not actually begin to remove the paint. This is where chemical strippers can come in handy. You’ll want to allow your pool deck to dry completely after this initial cleaning. Afterwards, you might notice areas where paint has already begun to chip – you can manually scrape these areas until the surrounding coatings cease to budge any longer. Then, consider applying a paint stripper such as turpentine, mineral spirits, or any other solution recommended for concrete surfaces to speed the process along – using the wrong stripping solution can damage the underlying concrete. Let the stripper set for as long as necesary (see manufacturer instructions). Some solutions take only 30 minutes or so to set, while others require at least eight hours.

Scrub it Down

After the chemical stripper has done its work, it’s time to break out your wire brush and/or scraper again and scrub away the newly loosened coatings. Be careful to not scrape the underlying concrete too strongly. If all goes as planned, you should be able to remove most of the coatings at this point, though some stubborn areas may remain.

Power Wash the Residue Away

If you have access to a power washer (or even a powerful hose), blasting your pool deck with water can help you loosen and remove whatever spots of coatings remain. You may need to repeat the process of applying chemical stripper, scrubbing, and power washing/rinsing until the job is finally done.

Consider a Chemical-Free Solution for Pool Deck Coating Removal

It’s worth noting that harsh chemicals don’t offer the only solution for removing pool deck coatings. For a chemical-free process, consider abrasive blasting instead. This process (also known as sandblasting or soda blasting) involves blasting a surface with tiny particles to essentially sand away coatings via friction. While effective, this is a relatively technical and hazardous process that can also do serious damage to your concrete if mishandled, so it’s best left to the professionals.

Why Invest in Penntek Pool Deck Coatings

If the processes outlined above seem prohibitively time-consuming and costly, consider investing in pool deck coatings that won’t require frequent removal in the first place. At Anderson Painting, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of Penntek coatings for our clients in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas. These polyurea and epoxy solutions offer superior safety, durability, and style alongside a 15-year product warranty. With Penntek coatings protecting your deck, you won’t have to worry about pool deck coating removal for quite some time.

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