Concrete Pool Deck Coatings That Will Work for Your Home

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Newly coated pool deck

Though winter still has a ways to go, it’s never too early to start thinking about your pool’s condition for the upcoming year. After all, you want to get the most out of this luxury feature for as long as the weather allows. In addition to uncovering your pool in late spring, cleaning it out, balancing chemicals, and so on, you should also consider the area surrounding your pool – namely, your pool deck. An unprotected, deteriorating deck can lead to more than a few headaches. Installing the right pool deck coatings can help you prevent future issues and enhance this outdoor area on the whole. Let’s go over some considerations to make when seeking concrete pool deck coatings that will work for your property.

What to Know About Pool Deck Coatings

Are They Waterproof?

During the swimming season, your pool deck will get soaked on a regular basis. Some splashes of water here and there might not seem like much of an issue, but moisture can seep into the pores of concrete and cause damage from within. To prevent these problems, it’s imperative to invest in swimming pool deck coatings that seal the underlying surface so moisture can’t get through.

Will They Stand Up to Pool Chemicals?

Of course, moisture is far from the only threat to your pool deck. The water inside your pool contains its fair share of chemicals to keep bacteria, algae, and other contaminants at bay. Unfortunately, these chemicals can erode concrete and other materials when contact is made. As such, you’ll want your concrete pool deck coating to resist chemical degradation as well as moisture intrusion.

Do They Hold Up Against Extreme Temperatures?

Like other exterior features, your pool deck must endure the various changes in weather throughout the year. You might cover all or part of your deck during the winter to shield it from snow and ice, but it will be entirely exposed during the summer when the sun is scorching. Plus, even a covered deck will get cold when temperatures drop low enough. These extreme temperatures can cause your deck to expand and contract, leading to fractures and other problems. With the right concrete coatings, however, you can minimize the negative effects of temperature fluctuations, UV ray bombardment, and so on.

Are They Safe for Pool-Goers?

Pools also pose health and safety risks, which is why child supervision and caution are required when enjoying these features. However, the pool itself isn’t the only cause for concern – a soaked pool deck can quickly become slippery, resulting in injuries. Though it’s impossible to prevent every one of these accidents, the pool deck coatings you install can greatly reduce slipping hazards by increasing the deck’s traction (even when wet).

Do They Enhance Your Property’s Appeal?

Durability and safety should be your top priorities when choosing concrete pool deck coatings. That said, appearances matter, too. Different types of coatings offer different levels of aesthetic value, and one option might suit your preferences and exterior design more than others. And the more customizable your coatings are, the better.

Will They Endure?

If, like most people, you’re wondering, “how long does cool pool deck coating last?” note that the answer depends on the type and quality of coatings you choose and how well you maintain them. Standard pool deck paints may only last 1-5 years, while high-end options can endure for as long as 15 years. Though the latter options will cost more up front, you’ll save time and money over the long run by reducing repairs and resurfacing projects.

The Verdict

Generally speaking, the best concrete pool deck coatings are waterproof, chemical-resistant, built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, high-traction, visually appealing, and long lasting. Penntek coatings, the brand of polyurea coatings we install for our clients across Raleigh, NC, meet each and every one of these requirements. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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