Create Your Own Resort-Worthy Pool Deck

Pool Deck Coatings

Whether built-in or above-ground, there’s no denying that pools are a lot of fun. However, they’re also a lot of work. Keeping your pool clean and functional requires knowledge and effort. Additionally, you must also take care of the pool deck or patio surrounding your pool. These additions go hand in hand with the pool itself, allowing for easy access to and from the water, and acting as a relaxing place to sit and dry off.

Unfortunately, all that excess pool water may seep into your deck, ruining its appearance and possibly leading to deterioration. Additionally, the sun’s rays can do a number on your deck. Anderson Painting’s pool deck coating services help you protect your concrete patio or wooden deck, keeping moisture from gaining entry blocking some of the sun’s rays. This way, you can enjoy your pool for as long as the Raleigh weather lets you without having to worry about your deck getting damaged.

Concrete Pool Deck and Patio Coatings

When it comes to coating your concrete pool deck, you have plenty of options. Some homeowners go for a simple concrete overlay or coating to achieve a smooth, even finish. Others might prefer a more rugged option for added texture. This can be achieved by mixing some kind of stone with outdoor concrete epoxy paint. At Anderson Painting, we also incorporate the Penntek Industrial Flooring Chip System for concrete surfaces, including pool decks, patios, garage floors, and more. This is a highly durable and versatile solution with multiple layers and vinyl flakes that add visual texture and beauty.

Wooden Pool Deck Coatings

Bare wood is highly vulnerable to water and sunlight. So, for wooden pool decks, we recommend applying a strong deck stain. Wood stains and sealers seep into the wood and cover it so it’s well protected against moisture, microbes, and UV rays. Before applying the stain, Anderson Painting contractors will clean the deck and remove any old stain or paint by sanding down the surface. For the best results, the stain must be applied to the bare wood. A fresh coat of wood stain or seal should last several years before it’s time to apply a new one, and your pool deck will look better than ever before. More importantly, it will better withstand all of the forces that might do it harm.

Your pool is a major investment, and so is your pool deck or patio. If you want to get the most out of this luxurious exterior feature, you need a reliable Raleigh painting company to provide you with the best pool deck coatings for your needs. Let us help you maintain this center of family fun so you can enjoy it for years to come.

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