How Concrete Floor Coatings Can Help Your New Fixer Upper

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There are many reasons to purchase a fixer upper. These properties are cheaper than their newer counterparts and provide the possibility for a major return on investment -- that is, if you’re willing and able to put in the work. Indeed, a lot of work goes into transforming a fixer upper into something more modern, sturdy, and desirable, from fresh coats of paint to repairs of various sizes and more. As you look for ways to improve a worn down property, don’t forget about its floors. Here’s how concrete floor coatings can help your new fixer upper.

Benefits of Concrete Flooring on a Home

Add Strength and Durability

Whenever you’re faced with a fixer upper, your first priority should be to assess and fortify its structural integrity. Your floors, of course, are key components of this structure. When your foundation wears down, this affects the rest of your home’s integrity. So, the more you can do to protect and strengthen your floors, the sturdier and safer your fixer upper will be. There are many concrete floor coating options available, but at Anderson Painting, we primarily install Penntek polyurea floor coatings for their superior durability, strength, and longevity. When properly applied, these coatings offer high resistance to moisture, chemicals, thermal shock, impact, and more, and can last for over 20 years when well-maintained.

Beautify Your Fixer Upper

Renovating a fixer upper is also about aesthetics -- you want your property to look its very best. Fortunately, polyurea concrete coating options come in a wide variety of custom designs, colors, and textures. Plus, no matter what type of polyurea coating you choose, they all provide a bright, glossy finish that utterly transforms any old concrete floor.

Keep Things Simple

With so many items on your renovation to-do list, the less time you need to spend on each task, the better. It’s good to know that the installation process for Penntek polyurea floor coatings is relatively straightforward and streamlined. Of course, you’ll want expert help to achieve the best results. Generally speaking, Anderson Painting contractors can apply Penntek coatings in as little as one day, and cure times are minimal. This means you can check floor coating off your list in no time and quickly move on to your other repairs and improvements.

Boost Your Home’s Safety and Value

Some people purchase a fixer upper to make a profit, while others do so to make a long-term investment. Whatever the case, your primary goal is to increase the property’s value over time. While any quality renovation has the potential to boost your home’s value, some offer a higher average return on investment (ROI) than others. Sealing a garage floor might not offer as big of an ROI as, say, a full kitchen remodel or finished basement, but this project will certainly increase the demand for your home, raising its market price (especially in conjunction with other repairs and renovations). Safer homes are also more valuable since they result in fewer liabilities, and concrete floor coatings make for safer, more slip-resistant surfaces.

Don’t Forget the Floors of Your Fixer Upper

You may have your work cut out for you if you plan on reviving a fixer upper -- if you’re not sure where to start, why not get in on the ground level and focus on your floors? Whatever your renovation needs and challenges, Anderson Painting has the resources and experience to help you transform a beaten up property into something sturdy, attractive, and valuable. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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