Brighten Your Entire Kitchen With These Cabinet Painting Ideas

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Sometimes a simple change can have a dramatic impact. When doing home improvement projects like painting, kitchen cabinet ideas are among the first to come to mind. If you’re wondering, “How can I make my kitchen look brighter?” the simple answer is to paint your cabinets.

Whether you choose a vibrant color or a neutral shade, you can make your kitchen feel larger and brighter. We’ve gathered some of the most interesting painted kitchen cabinet ideas to give you some inspiration. Some of these ideas involve specific colors or color palettes, while others are creative ways to make your cabinet painting one of a kind.

Consider Two (or More) Tones

Remember that your cabinets don’t have to be a solid color. Two-toned cabinets can be an excellent way to liven up your space and give it a unique edge. This will work best if you put the lighter color on the top half of the cabinet and the darker shade on the bottom half, helping ground the lower cabinets. One common option is to keep the top half a light neutral, like white or gray, and opt for a brighter color, like red, green, or yellow, on the bottom half.

You can also extend this idea if you have multiple levels of cabinets in your space. For example, paint the highest cabinets a light shade and use darker shades the lower the cabinets get.

Of course, you can be as creative as you want when it comes to painted kitchen cabinet ideas. You can alternate colors on adjacent cabinets or paint each group of cabinets a different color. Paint your island cabinets one color and the wall-mounted cabinets another.

Be Bold

If you ask professional painters, “What colors make a kitchen look bigger and brighter?” they will likely mention bold shades. Bold colors can turn your cabinets into a focal point and add vibrancy to your kitchen.

Consider Going Dark

Another option is to go with a darker shade, such as emerald green, navy blue, black, or cranberry red. Just make sure you don’t use these colors in smaller kitchens. They tend to darken smaller rooms, but they can work very well in larger spaces. Or, you can opt for a lighter wall color to balance them out. After all, if you were to ask a professional painter, “How can I brighten my kitchen with dark cabinets?” they will likely suggest choosing a lighter wall color.

Consider Painting Just the Doors

Most kitchen cabinet upgrades will involve painting the doors and cabinets, as this is the standard practice. But this is not the only option. You can paint the cabinets a neutral shade, like white or cream, and the doors something bolder, like blue or green. Doing so will make the doors stand out and add another dimension to your space. It will look like your cabinets have a frame or border.

Consider Matching the Walls

Another option you may not think of is to match the cabinets and the walls. If these surfaces match perfectly, they can create an immersive feeling and seamless design, making your kitchen look larger.

Colors to Consider for Your Cabinets

With those general ideas out of the way, it’s time to take a look at specific cabinet colors that can brighten your kitchen.


White is an incredibly popular option due to its neutrality, modernity, and crisp feel. It looks bright and clean, and it reflects light to make your space appear even brighter.

As a bonus, white cabinets will look great with nearly any appliances and any wall color. You won’t have to remodel your entire kitchen to match your newly painted cabinets.

Soft Gray

If you like the neutrality of white but think it is too boring, consider soft gray. It is also likely to match your kitchen décor. Light gray tends to do wonders at making small kitchens seem larger.


Cream is another neutral option that offers similar benefits to white. This will give your kitchen a more traditional, soothing feeling.


If you decide to go bold, consider grass green. This is especially great for kitchens with windows overlooking forests and greenery, as it brings the outside in. Additionally, green is a soothing color. As a bonus, green will hide stains or damage much better than white or other light colors.

You may even opt for a lighter green for the same outdoorsy vibe but in a way that comes across as neutral. Light green is the perfect balance between light and dark shades, so you have more flexibility in decorating your kitchen.


Vibrant blue is an alternative to grass green. This is always a popular shade in kitchens, and it works with a surprising number of wall colors. It also gives you the benefit of hiding dirt. At the same time, blue will make the space feel peaceful.

You may also opt for a lighter shade, such as slate blue. This gives you the serenity of blue but with a more sophisticated feel. It works especially well with stainless steel appliances. An even paler blue can give your kitchen a more retro feel.


Red was a popular option for kitchen cabinets several decades ago and is now making a comeback. This answer to “How can I make my kitchen look brighter?” is also versatile, depending on the shade you choose. Rustic shades of red are the most common these days, especially with brown or wooden accents.


Yellow is another incredibly versatile cabinet option. Opt for a bright, bold yellow to add a pop of color, or stick to a lighter yellow for a more neutral shade.


When considering what colors make a kitchen look bigger and brighter, you may not immediately think of black. But black can accomplish this in the right setting. Black can serve as a focal point, especially if you use light hardware and have your kitchen walls painted a lighter color.

Wood Finishes

You don’t even need to paint your kitchen cabinets. Many people opt for a classic wooden finish, either on all of the cabinets or as one of two color options.

What to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Paint

Now that you have so many kitchen cabinet ideas, keep these important things in mind as you choose what to go with.

Carefully Consider Any Dramatic Change

Remember that your cabinets are a focal point of your kitchen. If you’re making a dramatic change, it may take some getting used to – or you may not love the results as much as you thought. For example, you may have wanted to brighten your kitchen with dark cabinets and decided to go for a pastel color. Make sure you are committed to the change before you even start the update.

Your painter will gladly paint a swatch on the cabinets to help you confirm your choice.

Consider the Impact of Daylight and Wall Color

If you get inspiration from other kitchens, remember that daylight, wall color, and other décor in your kitchen will affect the overall feel of the kitchen. So, consider how much sunlight your kitchen gets, as well as the other colors in the room. Professionals can show you kitchen cabinet ideas with wall colors and appliances similar to your current space.

Make the Most of the Painting Ideas with Professionals

With your new kitchen cabinet ideas, you are ready to upgrade your cooking and dining space’s overall aesthetic. For the best results, turn to professionals to guide you through the process. Anderson Painting has extensive expertise in selecting colors, designing, and painting kitchen cabinets, as well as other areas of your home.

Upgrade your property with paint. Work with a team who can recommend and make repairs to your walls, handling every task for you. If you need carpentry services before a new paint job, you’ll benefit immensely from hiring the same contractor. Get a quote from Anderson Painting for cabinet painting or any other service.

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