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Cabinet Painting

A kitchen renovation is a great investment for homeowners. A fresh coat of paint alongside new countertops and floors can transform this important space. But if your kitchen needs a makeover, you shouldn’t neglect the cabinets. Freshly painted kitchen cabinets hold the room together. Since they jut out of the walls, the eye is naturally drawn to them. So, these cabinets must mesh with the rest of your kitchen. We at Anderson Painting won’t just paint your kitchen walls, we’ll paint your kitchen cabinets, too.

Anderson Painting's Cabinet Painting Services

Our Process

Painting cabinets is a unique process. Unlike painting most other surfaces, this job requires some disassembly. Before painting begins, every cabinet door must be removed. This ensures that every side of the door gets covered evenly. Anderson Painting contractors will take care of this removal process for you. Our staff will then take the removed doors back to our facility for painting. This way there is no risk for sanded wood, primer, paint, or stain to get on any other kitchen surfaces.

The cabinets themselves must stay attached to the kitchen walls, of course. To prevent paint from getting on other surfaces, we will tape alongside the cabinets and place drop cloths underneath them. We will remove any food grease from cabinets and doors and then sand them down to ensure a smooth painting surface. Then, we’ll apply one or more coats of primer (however many are necessary to fill the grain) to the surfaces, and let them dry before painting. We will then paint all surfaces with Sherwin Williams product, making sure to not get any paint on walls or countertops.

Beyond the Paint Job

From start to finish, Anderson Painting stands out against other Raleigh house painters. Our goal is to complete the job efficiently and to our customers’ satisfaction. After we’re finished painting all the doors and kitchen cabinets, we will reinstall the doors for you. There is no need to do it yourself or to hire another contractor to piece your cabinets back together. We love seeing a kitchen come together and our team takes pride in being part of that process.

Finishing the Kitchen and Rest of Your Home

Repainting your kitchen cabinets is a key component of updating your kitchen and home. If your kitchen walls or ceiling need repainting, too, Anderson Painting has you covered. We will take care of all your Raleigh house painting needs. If your home’s exterior also needs a good wash and fresh coat of paint, be sure to contact us for an estimate. Anderson Painting is proud to be the most dependable Raleigh painting contractor serving the Greater Triangle Area. Every home we paint makes our whole community brighter.

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