Why Cleanliness and New Paint Go Hand in Hand

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Painting and cleaning are both important for keeping up appearances and protecting your property. And while these two tasks are inherently different, they’re also related in several interesting ways. Simply put, cleaning facilitates painting and vice versa. Let’s dive deeper into the reasons that cleanliness and new paint go hand in hand.

How Paint and Cleanliness Relate

Fresh Paint Evokes Cleanliness

It’s important to note that looking clean and actually being clean aren’t always the same. That said, there’s no denying that a fresh coat of paint makes a surface look more pristine than it did before. As we discussed in a previous blog, “Why the Look of Every Part of Your Commercial Space Matters to Your Bottom Line,” maintaining fresh interior and exterior paint enhances a business’ property value, reputation, and more. Potential customers would rather patronize an establishment that takes pride in its appearance -- of course, the same degree of care should also be paid to the building’s cleanliness. In most cases, businesses that care enough to hire commercial painters every few years also care enough to regularly clean their property.

Clean Surfaces Are Easier to Paint

The relationship between paint and cleanliness isn’t merely aesthetic, however. On the contrary, there is a practical connection here as well. Most notably, paint is best applied to clean surfaces. If a surface is riddled with dirt and grime, the incoming coatings won’t easily adhere to the surface. As such, professional painters will always ensure that each surface is well prepared ahead of time -- some providers offer power washing services in concert with their exterior painting services since the former should occur before the latter.

Quality Coatings Are Easier to Maintain

Just as cleanliness makes for an easier and more durable painting process, fresh paint makes for easier maintenance. When bare, porous surfaces such as concrete and wood attract dirt, dust, and other particles by virtue of their various holes and cracks. Applying high-quality coatings (i.e, stain, paint, epoxy, polyurea, etc.) to these vulnerable, dirt-prone surfaces blocks said pores, delivering a smooth surface that’s more resistant to contamination and also more receptive to cleaning processes such as sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, and pressure washing. In other words, periodically investing in exterior or interior painting will help reduce the amount of cleaning you’ll have to do.

Cleaning Up Your Act with Fresh Paint

Cleaning your surfaces won’t shield them from threats, just as painting them won’t keep them clean. That said, cleaning your property before a paint job will increase the effectiveness of said paint, and painting your property will aid in your efforts to keep it clean. This symbiotic relationship is simple yet often overlooked. Whether you’re in need of residential painting, commercial painting, or both, the experts at Anderson Painting have you covered. We thoroughly clean every surface prior to painting, and we only use high-quality paint products, so your property remains beautiful with minimal maintenance.

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