How Commercial Interior Painting Supports Your Rebrand

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Painter painting a commercial interior

Updating your brand is a challenging but sometimes necessary endeavor. There are many reasons for this transformation: management/ownership changes, structural upheavals, economic or industry-specific shifts, and so on. Whatever the case, a successful rebranding campaign must be holistic and coherent in nature, touching every aspect of your business, including marketing/advertising, sales, customer service, online presence, and, of course, your physical location(s). When customers enter your place of business, they should get an immediate sense of your brand identity -- the way you design your interior is largely responsible for making this connection. Here’s how commercial interior painting, in particular, can strongly support your rebranding efforts.

The Benefits of Commercial Painting on Branding

Reinventing Your Image

Regardless of your reasons for changing up your brand, every rebranding effort is meant to enhance the business’ operations and reputation (otherwise, why do it?). When customers and partners are made aware of your rebrand, they will expect to see a tangible improvement in your physical location, among other things. There are countless ways to streamline and beautify your facility, but interior painting perhaps provides the most notable change in your business’ demeanor. Even if your brand modification doesn’t warrant a change in color scheme, applying a fresh coat of paint to your walls, ceiling, and floors (if applicable) will brighten up your space and send a clear message to those inside that this reset is all-encompassing and that you take pride in it. Ultimately, a fresh coat of paint will boost employee morale and impress customers.

Cultivate a Cohesive Color Scheme

It’s worth noting that many rebranding efforts come with a significant visual adjustment, too. Most of us can think of examples wherein a company modified its logo in minor or major ways. Indeed, if you plan on changing your brand’s color scheme, it’s crucial to apply this change to every aspect of your business. You don’t want there to be a dissonance between the colors of your logo and the colors of your marketing materials, after all. Likewise, if your business’ logo is green and white, but your store’s interior is blue, this disparity will create confusion among customers and make your brand less memorable. Interior commercial painters can help you reinforce your brand by matching your rebrand’s color scheme.

Fresh Branding, Fresh Signage

Rebranding campaigns often warrant a change in a facility’s layout and/or offerings, too. These adjustments can be confusing for customers and employees alike. Fortunately, strategic interior painting can make it much easier to navigate a fresh layout. Fresh commercial floor paint, for instance, may feature line striping, directional arrows, and other visual cues to remind personnel and/or customers where they’re going. Likewise, temporary and permanent painted signage can be a huge help in nudging people in the right direction. Who knew interior painting could be so practical?

Painting Your Interior in Your New Image

You’ve got plenty of bases to cover when preparing to rebrand your business. While interior painting isn’t the only project to focus on in this regard, it’s among the most important. Proper interior painting will enhance your location’s overall appearance and boost your reputation, unify your new brand image with the right color scheme, and help your customers and employees navigate an unfamiliar layout. If you’re ready for a rebrand, the painting pros at Anderson Painting can help you transform your space accordingly. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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