What Should I Know About Commercial Building Painting

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Contractor painting a commercial building blue

Your commercial building is one of your business’ largest assets (if not the largest by a long shot) – if you don’t maintain it properly, however, it can become one of your biggest liabilities. Commercial painting is one of many maintenance tasks that will help your building retain its integrity and appearance. Here are some important things to know about commercial building painting so your next project is a major success.

What to Know About Commercial Building Painting

Safety Should Come First

All painting projects present certain risks to painters and occupants, whether via volatile organic compounds (VOCs), surface preparation, slips and falls, impact, etc. The larger the project’s scope, the bigger this risk becomes. If your building is quite tall, for instance, you’ll need to deploy ladders and other vertical devices to coat all exterior surfaces – falling from these heights can result in serious injury or worse. Even if the commercial painters you hire are 100% insured (as they should be), you don’t want any accidents to happen on your watch, nor do you want any of your employees, guests, or customers to wind up in the crossfire. No matter how you decide to approach your commercial painting project, then, the work shouldn’t begin until all safety requirements are met.

You’ll Want to Strategize

It’s no secret that a commercial painting project takes time, costs money, and inconveniences occupants to some degree. You’ll want to do everything you can to minimize these costs, which requires careful planning. For starters, determine the project’s scope (i.e., your building’s needs, how much surface area requires a fresh coat). From there, establish a budget that allows you to achieve your painting goals without overextending your business’s finances. Lastly, find the optimal date and time to embark on commercial painting – ideally, you’ll schedule painting services during a time when your building is partially or entirely shut down. If your business operates 24/7, you might break up the project so certain areas are tackled while others remain open.

Painting is Only Part of it

Comprehensive commercial building painting actually involves a variety of important tasks beyond painting that contribute to the best outcomes. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, proper surface preparation is vital for achieving the best-looking and most durable finishes. This painting prep often includes tasks like pressure washing/scrubbing, sanding, stripping/paint removal, caulking, and priming. Rather than hiring multiple contractors to handle each of these tasks, it’s more frugal and convenient to work with a single commercial painting company that handles it all.

The Colors You Choose Matter

Looks might not be everything, but they can make a big difference for your business when it comes to employee morale, customer sentiment, and overall reputation. Simply put, the better your building looks, the more successful you’ll be, all else being equal. Particular paint colors will better lend themselves to your building’s location and your business’ branding. It’s worth considering modern paint trends when selecting colors as well. If you’re not sure where to begin with this process, professional painters can provide color recommendations.

The Best Commercial Painting Contractors Have you Covered

There’s no doubt that commercial building painting requires a lot of thought and planning to ensure the best results. Fortunately, the best commercial painting contractors are equipped with the experience, knowledge, and resources to cover all of the bases listed here and then some. So, the next time you ask yourself, “what should I look for in a commercial painter?” you’ll know the answer: go for a painting company that prioritizes safety, adheres to your scheduling and budgetary needs, provides a wide range of services, and can help you pick the right paint colors for your location. Anderson Painting fits the bill, which is why we continue to be the first choice for businesses and residents in Raleigh, NC and the Greater Triangle Area.

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