What Painting Interior Doors Can Add to Any Space

calander Aug 7 , 2022 user-iconAnderson Painting

A door is just a door, right? Not so fast! Though interior doors primarily serve to grant and deny access between rooms, they’re also decorative features. There’s a whole range of door designs, shapes, and hardware to choose from, and they all partially affect how a room looks and feels. Color is another consideration. The standard door may be brown or white, but you’re free to paint your interior doors any colors you like – in fact, doing so can become a major asset to your overall interior design.

Let’s explore what painting interior doors can add to any room in your home.

Deliver Dynamic Accents

We’ve discussed in previous blogs how accented colors can bring life and intrigue to a room. These accents can flourish in any number of ways. You might go for an accent wall, painting one wall in your room with a color that lies in stark contrast with the others. Or, you might introduce contrasting furniture or decor. As it turns out, interior doors are prime vessels for creating interior accents. These features already stand out by the nature of their design and functionality, so why not drive home the point even further by accenting an interior door with a unique paint color? Painting your interior doors in this way is also a cost-effective alternative to creating an accent wall – after all, a door has a much smaller surface area than an entire wall. So, if you’re looking to cut down on the cost to paint the interior of your house without sacrificing style, going for an accented door is a smart move.

Disappear Your Doors

Home interior painting isn’t always about making features stand out. Sometimes, you’d rather make a part of your interior blend in. If you don’t want your interior doors to become the focal point of your space, consider painting them (along with the trim/frame) the same color as their surrounding walls. Don’t worry – your doors will still be visible enough for anyone to find and operate, but they won’t be so conspicuous. Blending your doors with the rest of your interior will allow you to more easily establish focal points and accents with other features like furniture, decor, etc.

Neutralize Your Space

Your home interior is your own, so feel free to design and color it however you see fit. Still, there is something to be said for balance. If a room is filled with too many bright, conflicting colors, it can quickly overwhelm the eye. Many popular interior painting palettes feature some neutral tones to balance out those splashes of color. One way to implement these interior paint ideas is to use your interior doors as counterbalances, providing neutral tones like beige, black, and grey. This way, you can still express your colorful side by painting your walls with brighter hues without going too far into gaudy territory. Your doors don’t have the be the sole features you choose for neutral paint, but they’re solid options.

Open the Door to New Paint Possibilities

When preparing to paint an interior space, many homeowners don’t even consider whether or how to paint interior doors. Don’t overlook these important interior features! At Anderson Painting, we’ve transformed countless Raleigh, NC, interiors by focusing on all paintable features within a given space, including doors. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at info@andersonpaintingnc.com!

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