Top 4 Tips to Design a Fresh Look for Interior Residential Painting

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Your home’s interior says a lot about your personality. You might prefer the energy provided by bright, bold colors or cling to the calm of neutral tones. Whatever the case, our preferences may change over time, and even the most durable interior paint loses its luster. When it’s time to freshen up your walls, ceilings, and other interior surfaces, you’ll be faced with an endless sea of design options. Should you stick to the same color palette as you always have, or will you try something new? If you’re ready to change things up, here are four useful tips for designing a fresh look for interior residential painting.

4 Tips for Designing a Fresh Look for Interior Residential Painting

1. Consider Context and Contrast

Even if your interior design is fairly minimal, your interior paint colors don’t exist in a vacuum – put another way, the colors you incorporate for your walls, ceilings, and other surfaces will interact with the colors and textures of your furniture and decor, the room’s lighting, and more. You must take these factors into consideration when selecting colors for interior residential painting. After all, a single color can look and act quite differently under different lighting configurations or when surrounded by other tones. Adopting a comprehensive view of your interior design will allow you to make contextual color decisions that optimize contrast and cohesion.

2. Accent Your Interior

Speaking of contrast, adding an accent wall or ceiling can go a long way toward modernizing your interior space. An accented surface dons a different color than its surrounding walls, sticking out and directing the eye toward it. These accents are excellent additions in living rooms, bedrooms, and more, especially when strategically placed and designed. For instance, you might accent the wall behind the fireplace/mantelpiece in your living room to reinforce this feature’s prominence. Many homeowners also install an accent wall behind the bed in their master bedroom. You can further freshen up your interior painting design by accenting your ceiling – painting a ceiling darker than its surrounding walls makes a space feel more enclosed, whereas going lighter with your ceiling opens the space up.

3. Look to Modern Residential Interior Painting Trends

If you’re short on fresh ideas, don’t worry. You’ll find no shortage of home painting inspiration online and in modern home magazines. You won’t love all the interior paint colors or design choices you come across, but chances are certain ideas will speak to your sensibilities. Keeping an eye on current interior paint design trends won’t just expedite your selection process, either – it will also help you maintain your home’s market value. Even if you’re not interested in selling your place anytime soon, you should always do your best to keep your property up to date and appealing for the widest audience. That way, should you decide to sell, you’ll have an easier time locking in a buyer and a worthy price.

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4. Get Expert Design Advice

When all else fails, reach out to interior painting and design experts in your area. For starters, an experienced residential painting contractor will be highly attuned to local paint design trends. Moreover, these experts will know how light interacts with paint colors and finishes, as well as how different colors work (or don’t work) with each other. You can take things a step further by hiring an interior designer, though this is a more costly affair. Simply put, leaning on the experts is always advised when selecting colors to freshen up your home.

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