Top 4 Recommended Concrete Deck Coating Products

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Your concrete deck is durable, but it can’t withstand the weather on its own. If you want your deck to endure for decades to come, you must protect it with high-quality coatings. With so many concrete deck coating products out there, however, you might not feel confident choosing one in particular. In this blog, we’ll go over the four most popular and recommended types of concrete deck coatings (in no particular order) to help you find the best option for you.

1. Latex Concrete Coatings

Latex is a popular choice for concrete deck coating for its relatively low cost, ease of application, and anti-slip properties. These coatings come in a range of colors, and they’re typically applied via roller. If you plan on coating your concrete deck on your own, latex is often recommended, as its application process is relatively straightforward and foolproof. Like most other standard concrete coatings, however, latex will typically need to be resurfaced every 3-5 years (or as needed) due to regular wear and tear.

2. Acrylic Concrete Coatings

For an even more versatile option, you might consider acrylic concrete coatings for your deck. Like latex coatings, acrylic coatings can be customized to your liking in terms of color and texture via additives. When properly installed and maintained, acrylic concrete coatings will shield your deck from moisture, UV rays, regular foot traffic, impact, and more. Acrylic coatings come in both water-based and solvent-based options.

3. Epoxy Concrete Coatings

Epoxy is perhaps the most popular concrete coating material of all, used in a variety of settings. These coatings establish a strong chemical bond with concrete floors via polymer resins and hardeners, resulting in a highly durable surface. Many epoxy coatings also offer a glossy finish while still providing slip resistance to maintain safety. Epoxy-coated floors are also easy to clean and maintain, thanks in no small part to their inherent resistance to stains and spills. Even with these advantages, an epoxy deck coating is relatively affordable and quick to install when performed by professionals – indeed, attempting to apply epoxy coatings on your own without the proper expertise can result in a number of problems, so it’s best to hire a reliable contractor for this job.

4. Polyurea Concrete Coatings

Last and certainly not least are polyurea concrete coatings. Much like epoxy coatings, these materials strongly bond to concrete surfaces, providing lasting durability and beauty to your deck. That said, polyurea coatings are even more flexible and long-lasting than their standard epoxy counterparts. This added durability comes at a cost, but considering how easy it is to maintain polyurea coatings and how infrequently they require resurfacing (some last as long as 20 years), the investment is more than worthwhile. Penntek polyurea coatings, in particular, come with a 15-year warranty for residential projects – they also come in a wide variety of color and texture options for maximum customization.

What Is the Best Product to Protect My Deck?

The four concrete deck coating products listed here were not numbered in any particular order. That said, at Anderson Painting, we stand by our belief that Penntek makes the best deck coating products, which is why we specialize in the installation and maintenance of Penntek polyurea coatings for all types of concrete surfaces. Every option mentioned here is viable, but if you’re looking for superior durability, flexibility, style, safety, and coverage, polyurea concrete coatings are your best bet.

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