Start the New Year Right with These Commercial Facility Repairs

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The start of a new year symbolizes a fresh start. Individuals may take this time to establish resolutions to help them achieve their personal and professional goals in the year to come. Businesses can benefit from a fresh outlook, too. If you own or manage a business, now’s a great time to think of ways to start the new year on the right foot for your employees, customers, and partners. Not only should you try to improve the inner workings of your business -- you should also pay attention to your enterprise’s physical condition. After all, the appearance and integrity of your building have major implications on workplace morale, safety, and reputation. Let’s go over some key repairs and renovations to consider making this season to start the new year right for your company.

Commercial Facility Repairs for the New Year

Interior and Exterior Painting

The jury’s out regarding how often you should paint the inside and outside of a commercial facility. Every situation is unique, and some buildings will require fresh coatings sooner than others. That said, commercial painting is both a practical and aesthetic consideration. Periodic painting is required not only to protect your business’ surfaces but also to reflect your ongoing commitment to quality. Simply put, a facility with worn-down walls doesn’t project success, but rather the opposite. As such, it’s good to think about repainting or at least touching up your surfaces with fresh paint about every 2-3 years (this goes for exteriors and interiors alike). Investing in commercial exterior painting shortly before or after the new year will boost your property’s curb appeal, making a positive first impression on those who pass by. Likewise, hiring commercial interior painting services to touch up your walls and/or change up your brand’s color scheme will send a strong message of renewal to all employees and customers as the new year begins.

Keep in mind that it may be more practical to tackle interior painting as opposed to exterior painting this time of year, as cold conditions can interfere with proper outdoor renovations.

Commercial Trim and Siding Repair

A fresh coat of paint can enhance and protect your facility, but it’s important to ensure the underlying surfaces are in good condition before covering them with new coatings. This is where carpentry services, including siding and trim repair, come into play for your business. Damaged siding is more than an eyesore -- it’s also a doorway to various issues, such as moisture intrusion, pest infestations, energy loss, and more. Likewise, trim problems drag down both your business’ appearance and security from environmental threats. As mentioned earlier, exterior siding and trim repairs might be challenging to accomplish during the cold weather, so it might be best to wait until shortly after new year’s to get it done. As for interior trim, however, now is the perfect time to repair, secure, and/or replace these features for a fresh start.

Floor Fixes, Updates, and Replacements

The start of a new year encourages us to look up to a brighter future, metaphorically speaking. However, you might also want to look down this time of year. Your business’ floors are vital aspects of your facility, and they go through a lot over the years. Dirty, uneven, worn down floors are both visually off-putting and potentially hazardous, contributing to slips, trips, and falls as well as other health concerns (i.e., mold growth, bacteria, etc.). If you want to start the new year right this time around, it might be time to invest in floor repairs, resurfacing, or even replacements, if necessary. In many cases, a deep cleaning coupled with minor repairs and a fresh coat of commercial floor paint can do the trick, utterly transforming your workspace and increasing safety outcomes. A fresh start requires a strong foundation, so don’t take your floors for granted.

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Commercial Facility

What are your business’ goals for the upcoming year? Whatever the case, fixing up and improving your facility will help you achieve them. At Anderson Painting, we’re here to help you provide your building with a fresh start, no matter the time of year. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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