Painting Your Home: 6 Romantic Master Bedroom Colors

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Red painted bed room

Your master bedroom may be your oasis of relaxation and/or your adventurous getaway. Whatever your idea of romance entails, Raleigh painting pros can help you revamp your bedroom’s aesthetic. Here are six romantic master bedroom colors to consider.

The Most Romantic Bedroom Colors

1. Romantic Reds

If love is associated with any color in our common culture, it has to be red, with pink coming in at a close second. Of course, painting a room red can be risky. This color can come on strong and get our pulses racing. Indeed, that may very well be the vibe you want for your master bedroom. But if you don’t want to overpower your space, consider having your Raleigh house painters coat a single wall red instead. A red accent wall can evoke the sense of excitement and romance you want without becoming heavy-handed.

2. Dreamy Deep Blues

When things get too hot, it’s nice to have a refreshing reprieve. Blue shades are naturally calming and cool, offering a welcoming atmosphere perfect for relaxation and romance. Darker, smoky blues might be the best option for your master bedroom, as they don’t distract or overwhelm the eye too much and allow your decor to speak for itself.

3. Lively Shades of Orange

We usually associate the color orange with sweetness and energy, two key ingredients to a healthy romance. Indeed, bright, saturated oranges are bright, happy, and fun, encouraging youthful playfulness. Darker and muted oranges, on the other hand, tame some of this energy without becoming boring or dull. The orange hue you choose for your master bedroom will depend on your unique romantic style.

4. Be Natural with Brown Tones

On its face, brown doesn’t seem like the most romantic color. Then again, chocolate, widely considered the most romantic treat, is brown. But beyond this connection, rich brown tones are warm, intimate, and never overbearing. These natural, earthy shades are content to hang in the background while the decor accents the space. Your Raleigh house painting provider can balance your room with lighter shades like whites, oranges, greens, and blues.

5. Passionate Purples

If red and pink are considered the two most romantic colors, purple probably snags third place. And like red, purple makes a bold statement. However, purple hues aren’t as stimulating as red shades. Violets and plums are calming like darker blues, with some added warmth and intrigue. Accent your purple bedroom with some white and gold features and you have yourself quite the passionate place.

6. Deep, Dark Greens

What could be more romantic than life itself? Green is often deemed the color of life, with various shades resembling that of grass, leaves, and vegetation. While brighter greens may be too gaudy for some people’s tastes, deeper, darker, forest greens work well for master bedroom interiors. These shades feel protective, lively, and calming all at once. They also provide the perfect backdrop for strong accents, such as white, beige, brown, and orange.

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