Looking Ahead: Painting Trends to Watch in 2021

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For most, 2020 has simultaneously felt like the shortest and longest year in recent memory. Either way, a new chapter is on the horizon, and with it a brand new projection of painting trends. If we learned anything from this past year, it’s that there’s no way to truly know what a new year has in store. That said, painting professionals, designers, and analysts have a trusty finger on the pulse of what colors and configurations might emerge and/or dominate 2021.

Top Painting Trends to Watch in 2021

Down to Earth Tones

One look at Sherwin-Williams’® Color of the Year will give you a strong idea of the kinds of paint colors that will define 2021. Their pick, Urbane Bronze, is a deeply rich and grounded blend of dark grey and brown, reminiscent of “stone, metal, and wood,” as they claim in their description. The pairing choices they recommend (Modern Gray and Messenger Bag) also exude a natural, earthy feel. Other painting manufacturers currently boast paint colors with similar qualities in anticipation of 2021 -- a blend of darker and warmer neutrals. It seems that the industry is both pushing and expecting these grounded paint colors to be popular choices, especially for interior painting.

Cool, Calm Blues and Greens

Blue and green shades are on track to continue their surge in popularity. It seems likely that in 2021 more and more people will go with cooler, more muted varieties of these colors -- for blues, look at Sherwin-Williams’ Aleutian blue, Jubilee, and Blustery Sky; as for green, Behr’s minty Wishful Green and more herbal Jojoba showcase the kinds of green tones that will trend this coming year. Plenty of darker greens and blues are worth keeping an eye on as well. Ultimately, these color choices convey a sense of tranquility offered by the sea, plant life, and other natural surroundings.

Soft, Subtle Colors

A number of colors that have traditionally been seen as overwhelming or gaudy are also coming into their own in subtler ways. For instance, 2021 might see some varieties of pink, orange, and yellow appear in interior spaces. However, these joyous colors probably won’t appear in a highly-saturated form. Instead, consider the pastel yellow Moonraker and salmon pink Jovial by Sherwin-Williams as well as the earthy orange Saffron Strands by Behr to get a clearer picture of the soft, subtle colors that will trend in 2021.

More Exterior Accents

Color choices aside, the last trend to look toward involves how people might approach exterior painting in 2021 and beyond. More specifically, Raleigh painters expect to see more people pay attention to accents. So much can be done to enhance curb appeal by choosing colors for front doors, garage doors, trim, etc. that strongly contrast with the surrounding siding. Creating these accents modernizes virtually any exterior and draws a greater number of eyes. In 2021, prepare to see light siding with dark trim and vice versa, along with bold and colorful front doors.

Turning the Calendar to 2021

It might take a while to process the year that was 2020, but 2021 is on its way regardless. If you’re thinking of ways to get a fresh start, you might consider hiring Raleigh painting professionals to repaint your home inside and out. And knowing what types of painting trends are on the horizon can help you make a more informed, confident decision that truly brings your property to the modern era. At Anderson Painting, our experts stay up to date on the latest painting trends, which allows us to help our customers make the best choices for their upcoming projects.

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