2019 Color Trends for Your Bedroom Painting Project

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The year 2018 has flown by and 2019 is just around the corner. That means it’s already time to start thinking about next year’s color palette and whether you’ll need to hire Raleigh house painters. There are some interesting trends on the horizon and you won’t want to miss out. You may have a number of interior painting projects in mind for the coming year. If repainting your bedroom is one of them, here are some of the hottest color trends for 2019.

Low in Saturation, High in Atmosphere

If we look at the 2019 color trends as a whole, there seems to be a pattern of more muted colors emerging. Anderson Painting can help you pick the right ones. You’ll see the mainstays of various whites, greys, and beiges, of course. But there also seems to be a rise of earthier tones. On the darker end you’ll find Blackforest grey, Night Watch green, and Charcoal blue, for instance. Lighter shades include Ashes of Roses red, Ash beige, and Elation off-white.

These colors work well in a bedroom, as they’re much calmer than bright, highly saturated tones. But while this palette is muted, it isn’t unappealing or boring. The underlying tones can actually become quite warm with the proper lighting, making your bedroom a space that is both tranquil and welcoming.

Various Shades of Blue

Blue has long been a popular color for interior design, but Behr reckons it’s coming in full force next year. Behr’s “Color Binge” palette for 2019 features a range of colors centered around blue and teal tones. This spectrum evokes aquatic imagery and atmosphere, akin to last year’s film of the year, “The Shape of Water.” The cooler, grey blue on this palette, “Watery,” fits its namesake well. The darker, greener Antigua would be a great fit for a bedroom. With matching bedspread and neutral furniture, your room would surely stand out. If you consider painting a room two colors, any two colors on this palette can work well together.

Less Color is More

When it comes to 2019 color trends, we’ve gone over colors low in saturation and colors centered around blue and teal. But another trend that’s been bubbling up for the past few years is to stay away from most colors altogether. In other words, whites, blacks, greys, and browns are in vogue right now. People are using plant life and artwork to bring color into their homes and bedrooms. These neutral interior paint colors allow these objects to stand out and make statements of their own.

In other words, minimalism has found its way back in 2019. If you’re the type who wants to rid your home of unnecessary clutter and noise, keeping it simple like this might be the way to go. Bringing in some succulents and other plants can revitalize your bedroom and give the space all the color and life it needs. Your bedroom can do just fine with white, pewter, or light beige walls.

Taking all this into account, it seems like 2019 will be a year of bold simplicity. If you’re gearing up to paint your bedroom for the new year, contact Anderson Painting. We will fulfill all your Raleigh painting needs and more, including drywall repair and popcorn ceiling removal. Call us at 919-610-1855 or send us an email at info@www.andersonpaintingnc.com for more information and estimates!

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