HOA and Residential Paint Trends for 2021: How to Implement for the Perfect Look

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It’s still hard to believe that we’ve moved past 2020 and are now facing 2021. A fresh year means a fresh look at residential painting trends. And whether you’re restricted by the rules of your homeowner’s association (HOA) or free to paint your home any way you’d like, it’s always good to be aware of the design tendencies that currently dominate the real estate market. So, let’s go over some HOA and residential paint trends for 2021.

What’s Trending for HOA and Residential Exterior Painting in 2021

If there were a word to sum up the color trends for HOA and residential exteriors, it might be “mellow.” While some homeowners will continue to prefer bold colors and design choices, the market is leaning toward a more subdued aesthetic. Of course, those who live within an HOA might not have much of a choice in this regard and be limited to muted color choices. Still, there’s a lot to love about the following exterior trends.

Going “Greige”

The blend of beige and gray, commonly called “greige,” has grown in popularity over the years, offering a neutral outward-facing appearance that’s neither too light nor too dark. Of course, “greige” covers a wide range of shades, from the lighter, almost off-white options to the balanced taupes and the darker, browner choices. Regardless, every shade of greige is easily contrasted with a variety of accents for maximum appeal.

Hints of Blue, Yellow, and Green

While bright, gaudy exteriors might be out, plenty of colors are still in vogue for home exteriors, just of the more muted variety. Indeed, blues mixed with gray, creamy, light yellows, and herbal, smoky greens are in high demand for home exterior design. Going with understated colors such as these gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to subtlety and substance.

Ivory and Other Modified Whites

While you’ll still find plenty of homes donning pure white exteriors, more and more homes are moving away from this stark blank canvas and leaning toward creamier whites and white shades with other undertones. Toning down the purity of a white option can add curb appeal by hampering the harshness and opening the door for more interesting accents. Raleigh painting professionals can tell you that off-white exteriors will also hide more imperfections than their pure white counterparts.

HOA and Residential Interior Painting Trends

In many ways, the trends that currently dominate residential exterior painting hold true for interior painting, with some minor tweaks. Here are some of the most popular interior color choices for condos and homes this year.

Off-Whites Are Still In

Indeed, off-white remains a popular choice for interior spaces of all kinds, offering a gentle backdrop to virtually any color scheme as determined by decor and furniture. Read our previous blog, “The White Choice: 5 Tips to Picking the Right White Interior Paint”, for more information on selecting the right shade of white for your interior residential painting project.

Muted Greens and Blues

Recent years have seen a rise in blues and greens for interior spaces, especially kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Of course, we don’t mean just any blue or green. More specifically, herbal, muted greens like sage and gray-greens currently dominate this space, as do darker blues and gray-blues. Implementing these colors in certain rooms can create a calming atmosphere when contrasted with rich browns, soft grays, and beiges.

Beige and Earthy Tones

For a warmer interior, homeowners are turning toward earthier options like brown-reds, ochre, muted orange, and so on. Beige is often a part of these earthy palettes, offering a neutral, sandy contrast to the richer reddish tones.

It’s All About Contrast

No matter which exterior or interior home painting trends you plan on following (if you do at all), the key to optimal implementation is creating contrast. Lighter colors are best accented by darker tones and vice versa, and certain colors lend themselves to specific accents (light green and dark brown always work well together, for instance). Your Raleigh house painters can help you navigate the complex and fascinating realm of color selection and contrast so you can modernize your home. At Anderson Painting, our experts pay close attention to local paint trends to arm our customers with the best design advice.

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