Flooring Installation Contractors Near Me: What to Look for in Their Reviews

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When it’s time to update your property’s flooring, running an online search for “flooring installation contractors near me” is a good place to start. Upon doing so, you’ll come across several local flooring providers competing for your business. Finding the right fit for your budget and needs will require some due diligence on your part. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to learn about a particular company’s reputation. Online review platforms offer a spectrum of insights on most of the contractors you’re considering hiring. While you’ll obviously want to prioritize contractors with the highest ratio of positive reviews, you’ll also want to dig a bit deeper and actually see what previous customers have to say. Certain keywords and phrases will show up time and time again on review pages for the best contractors out there.

Let’s go over some of these words and phrases to look for when browsing reviews for flooring installation contractors in Raleigh, NC.

What to Look for in Reviews of Flooring Installation Contractors


When asked about which traits matter most in flooring installers, different customers will have different answers. That said, responsiveness (i.e., communication) will always rank highly. Yes, the cost of the project and quality of work are important, but if your contractor is hard to track down, fails to show up on time, and/or refuses to answer your questions and concerns, the entire project will be in jeopardy. At the very least, an unresponsive flooring contractor will leave their customers frustrated and confused throughout the experience, and at worst, major details might get overlooked, and the customer might get hit with surprise fees at the end. Conversely, working with a reliable and communicative contractor will give you peace of mind and streamline the entire project.


This term is a catch-all for several positive qualities. Generally speaking, when a reviewer dubs a contractor “professional,” they mean that said contractor has all their ducks in a row from the very beginning. Strong communication (as mentioned above) is a major part of professionalism, along with some of the other terms we’ll list here, including knowledge, quality of work, efficiency, and more.


Though it goes without saying, you only want to work with a flooring installation contractor with a deep understanding of the materials and processes necessary for such a project. Still, not all flooring contractors harbor the same knowledge base – some companies (usually those with more experience) have a deeper understanding of flooring installation than their competitors and may use special products, equipment, and techniques to deliver the best outcomes. Moreover, the more knowledgeable your floor installation contractor is, the more they’ll be able to help with other related matters, such as floor repair, resurfacing, vapor drive installation/moisture mitigation, and so on.


No matter how much you enjoy the company of a given floor installer, you won’t want them inside your home or business forever. On the contrary, most homeowners and business owners will want to get their flooring projects over with as quickly as possible. After all, such projects inherently interfere with daily operations (plus, they’re an eyesore until they’re complete). Greater efficiency also translates to lower costs. So, as you read reviews for various flooring installers in your area, target the word “efficient” and its relatives – if these words show up frequently, you'll likely be in good hands.


Flexibility is another strong keyword to pay attention to when looking at online reviews. This term refers to a contractor’s willingness and ability to meet their customers’ unique needs and schedules. Flexible contractors can also make informed adjustments in the middle of a project to ensure a better outcome.

Great Results

Last but certainly not least, most (if not all) of the reviews you peruse for a given contractor should mention just how happy the customer was with the final results of their new flooring. All of the other key traits mentioned here won’t amount to much if you’re ultimately unhappy with how your flooring project ended up. Of course, even the best flooring contractors make mistakes – what matters is whether or not said contractor is willing to promptly address any errors after the fact. As such, see if a particular contractor offers a guarantee and/or warranty on their work, too.

Searching for Reviews for Flooring Contractors Near You

With so many local flooring professionals in your area and so many reviews for each and every contractor, knowing precisely what to look for can help you find the best fit for your needs. At Anderson Painting, we’re proud to note that all the important words and phrases listed here are consistently found in our customer reviews and testimonials. See for yourself by browsing our many reviews here.

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