Floor Repair and Garage Floor Coverings Right for Your Business

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Newly coated garage floor with cars

Garages aren’t merely convenient additions to homes – they’re also useful for many types of businesses. Whether you run a repair shop, oversee a parking garage, own a storage facility, etc., you need to make sure your garage floors maintain their integrity and beauty for many years to come. Proper floor repair and maintenance are necessary for achieving these goals. Let’s explore the types of floor repair and garage floor coverings you should know about to keep your commercial garage in great shape.

Best Floor Repairs for Businesses

Concrete Crack and Joint Repair

The majority of garage floor problems begin with small fractures. These tiny cracks aren’t too problematic in their earliest stages, but they can pave the way for larger issues to come. The joints between concrete slabs require periodic attention as well, as they’re often the first features to break down. Fortunately, most cracks and joints are easily fixed when tackled early on, only requiring the proper application of a durable filler. The deeper and more widespread the damage, the more complicated, costly, and time-consuming concrete garage floor repair becomes, so don’t wait too long to address any concerns you may have with your business’ garage floors.

Epoxy Concrete Coatings

One of the best ways to prevent cracks and other types of concrete floor damage is to seal your floors with a reliable material. Epoxy floor coatings are commonly used for commercial garages and other concrete surfaces for their strength and aesthetic value. Unfortunately, epoxy paint doesn’t last forever – after about 2-3 years, you may already begin to notice signs of deterioration. At this point, you could invest in fresh epoxy coatings to protect your floors from moisture, dirt, impact, and microbes, but you’ll likely have to repeat this cycle every few years. As such, you might consider other garage floor covering ideas instead, such as polyurea coatings.

The Better Choice: Penntek Polyurea

While epoxy floor coatings have their merits, they simply can’t compete with the superior strength, versatility, flexibility, and longevity of Penntek polyurea coatings. At Anderson Painting, we believe that Penntek polyurea floor coatings are the best garage floor covering solutions available for both commercial and residential use. Our flooring experts rely on Penntek floor coatings for their durable, multi-layered design. The epoxy primer and basecoat serve as a strong foundation for the polyurea topcoat that seals the deal. Polyurea is a highly flexible and strong material that limits a floor’s potential for cracking while keeping moisture and chemicals at bay. Best of all, a properly installed Penntek polyurea floor can last for 25 years or longer with ongoing maintenance. Said maintenance is made easy, too, as the smooth polyurea surface makes sweeping and washing a breeze. And much like standard epoxy coatings, polyurea garage coatings come in a wide variety of color schemes (not to mention texture options), so you can create a more cohesive and alluring commercial space.

Anderson Painting Has You and Your Commercial Floors Covered

With so much on your plate already, keeping up with commercial garage floor repair and maintenance can be a challenge. That’s why it helps to have flooring experts like Anderson Painting in your corner. In addition to our comprehensive painting services, we offer a number of floor repair, maintenance, and renovation services to businesses and homes across Raleigh, NC, including garage and basement floor repair, indoor and outdoor concrete coatings, and more. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at info@andersonpaintingnc.com!

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