Considering Using Epoxy for Your Floors? Here's Why Polyurea Floor Coatings Are the Better Choice

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Polyurea coating on an industrial floor.

Epoxy paint delivers a stylish and durable protective layer for your floors, making it the most pervasive concrete floor coating option out there. However, epoxy coatings come with their share of drawbacks, so it’s nice knowing there are other options available. Polyurea floor coatings are gaining steam and giving their basic epoxy counterparts a run for their money.

At Anderson Painting, we install Penntek polyurea floor coatings and recommend these solutions to our commercial and residential clientele. Let’s go over a few reasons polyurea floor coatings are the better choice than epoxy in nearly all situations.

Reasons Polyurea Floor Coatings Are the Better Choice Than Epoxy

Polyurea Coatings Last Longer

It’s easy to take your floors for granted, but these features hold an entire space together. So, when investing in floor coating solutions, you want to go with a material that will extend your floor’s lifespan and maximize the room’s safety for many years to come.

Epoxy coatings can last a while with regular maintenance, but they often require resurfacing every 2-3 years. Polyurea coatings, on the other hand, can last 10 years or more without the need for resurfacing in between. Better yet, Penntek coatings come with a 15-year product warranty on residential products, meaning your floors will be covered throughout the duration of their long lifespan. Ultimately, this superior longevity translates to long-term savings.

Polyurea Floors Require Less Maintenance

A polyurea floor coating doesn’t just last longer than its epoxy counterpart – it also doesn’t need nearly as much oversight to keep in great shape. All floors require ongoing maintenance, but the best polyurea floor coatings are easy to keep clean. For starters, Penntek polyurea coatings are naturally resistant to moisture, chemicals, UV damage, abrasions, and more. On top of that, the smooth, glossy surface provided by these floors makes for quick and easy sweeping and mopping every time – compare this to epoxy floors that aren’t quite as protective, and, as mentioned previously, require resurfacing every few years. Spending less time on floor maintenance without sacrificing your floor’s appearance or condition is a big win and another mark in polyurea’s favor.

Polyurea Coatings Offer Quick Installation

Compared to epoxy concrete floor paint, polyurea floors are also more convenient to install. Polyurea concrete floor coatings can often be installed in as little as one day when executed by experienced professionals. As an added bonus, there are no prolonged cure times to worry about with polyurea, meaning you can start using your newly-coated floor immediately after it’s been installed.

Epoxy, on the other hand, can take several days (if not weeks) to install and dry completely. You might also have to wait another several weeks to allow the material to fully cure before you can place heavy objects, vehicles, or machinery on its surface. If you want to get the job done quickly and minimize disruptions, polyurea is the way to go.

Protect Your Concrete Floors with Polyurea Coatings

With so many different floor coating systems on the market, choosing the best one for your needs can feel overwhelming. Polyurea concrete coatings offer an all-around excellent choice for just about any application – both residential and commercial. If you’re on the fence, let the Raleigh, NC, flooring experts at Anderson Painting show you firsthand how worthwhile Penntek polyurea coatings can be.

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