Best Concrete Coatings to Make Your Sidewalk More Welcoming

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Concrete sidewalks and walkways often don’t get the credit they deserve. These hard paths create clear boundaries between landscapes and roads, offering a secure and direct path for people to walk from point A to B. Sidewalks also make it easier for people to enter and exit buildings. Without these features, pedestrians wouldn’t get around so easily, and property exteriors would look bare and uninviting. Of course, regular use and environmental conditions take a toll on outdoor walkways – sealing them with high-quality coatings will help preserve their integrity and appearance. But which coatings are best for your sidewalk?

Let’s explore some of the best concrete floor coatings for your sidewalk or walkway to make it more welcoming.

Why Coat Your Concrete Sidewalk Anyway?

As mentioned above, concrete sidewalks are susceptible to many forms of damage. Concrete is porous, meaning moisture, chemicals, and other small materials can easily penetrate its surface and cause internal damage. Constant foot traffic, harsh winds, and heavy machinery (if applicable) also wear down concrete surfaces over time. Intense sunlight will also take a toll on your concrete walkways, breaking down bonds that hold the material together. Concrete sidewalk coatings provide a layer (or multiple layers) of protection against all of these threats and more so your sidewalk enjoys a longer lifespan and remains sturdy for all who walk upon it. On top of that, certain coatings feature anti-slip properties, making your walkways safer. And, last but not least, concrete coatings come in a variety of color and texture options that elevate your sidewalk’s appearance. All of the advantages contribute to a more secure and welcoming sidewalk for your home or business.

Exploring Your Sidewalk Coating Options

Now that we’ve established the many reasons to invest in a commercial or residential concrete coating for your sidewalk, let’s go over the different types of coatings you might consider:


Epoxy is the most commonly used concrete coating material. When properly applied, epoxy coatings strongly bond with the concrete via polymer resins and hardeners. The result is a smooth, glossy, durable, sealed surface. Epoxy-coated floors are relatively easy to maintain since they prevent moisture intrusion – they’re also quick to install by professionals. If you take good care of your epoxy-coated sidewalk, you shouldn’t need to restore or replace these coatings for 3-5 years or more.

Stone/Aggregate Coatings

Some people prefer the rugged, textured look of concrete more than the smooth, glossy finish offered by epoxy. If you fall intothis category, stone/aggregate coatings are a good option. These coatings start with the application of a texture primer that locks into the concrete. From there, the granite coating is evenly distributed along the walkway. Finally, an anti-slip sealer is laid on top of the loose stone to create a smooth, well-protected surface.

Concrete Stain/Sealer

Though less protective than the previous two sidewalk coating solutions, concrete stains and sealers help prevent moisture intrusion and subtly tint your walkway so it retains its natural concrete appearance. These coatings often need to be replaced more frequently than other options.

Why We Recommend Penntek Polyurea Coatings

At Anderson Painting, we install and recommend Penntek polyurea coatings for residential and commercial concrete surfaces alike. These coatings are by far the most durable, flexible, customizable, and slip-resistant available – they can also be installed in as little as one day by experienced installers like us. Penntek-coated walkways will enhance your property’s curb appeal and save you money by reducing the number of repairs you need to makeover your sidewalk’s lifespan. If you’re looking to make your sidewalk more welcoming in Raleigh, NC, Anderson Painting can help.

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