Is Autumn Too Late for Exterior Painting?

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Although temperatures start to drop in autumn, this does not mean you cannot carry out a residential exterior painting project this season—especially in regions like Raleigh or Wilmington, NC. This post will discuss everything you need to know about painting your home’s exterior during this time of the year.

Advantages of Exterior Painting in Autumn

Most homeowners schedule maintenance and improvement projects, including exterior painting, in the spring and early summer. These times offer warm temperatures, which are ideal for paint application. But if you haven’t had your exterior painted during the last two seasons, don’t worry, because it’s not too late to get it done this autumn.

Painting your home’s exterior in autumn offers many benefits, such as the following:

It Offers a Good Temperature for Painting Outdoors

Temperature matters when painting outdoors. The temperature and weather conditions need to be right to achieve a professional finish and lasting paint job. It should not be rainy or windy, and the temperature should be at least 50°F during paint application. Ideal temperature and weather conditions occur in autumn.

The Humidity Level Is Significantly Lower

Humidity tends to decrease in the fall as the temperature drops, which is a good thing when carrying out exterior painting for residential properties. When there’s less moisture in the air, surfaces dry quickly. Paint dries fast as well, so there’s no need to wait too long between each coat application. The paint will be more likely to adhere to the surface and last longer.

Work Conditions Are Better

Weather in autumn is also great for working outdoors. It isn’t too hot or cold. There are also often fewer insects and less pollen in the air, unlike in spring. The painters you hire won’t have to deal with these nuisances, so they can finish the task faster.

It’s Not the Peak Season

While fall offers ideal weather conditions for exterior painting, it’s not a popular time for home maintenance or improvement projects. Painting services are typically in lower demand, and you can take advantage of this fact. By choosing to paint your property’s exterior in the fall, you will have a much easier time scheduling your project and may even score a discount.

It’s a Great Time to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

It will only be a few weeks before the major holidays. If you are planning to have family or friends over for the holidays, scheduling exterior painting in autumn is a cost-effective way to improve the look of your property. Durable paints can cover imperfections so your home looks great for visitors.

How Late in the Fall Can I Paint Outside?

If you’re wondering how late in the year you can paint a house exterior, the answer will largely depend on weather conditions. While temperatures tend to drop in late fall, there are still some days when the temperature falls in the acceptable range for exterior painting. So you can just play things by ear or monitor the weather forecast before scheduling a paint job.

In addition to weather conditions, you must also factor in the type of paint you intend to use. If you choose latex paints, the temperature should be between 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the time of application. For oil-based paint, the ideal temperature is between 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tips When Choosing Quality Paint for Autumn Exterior Painting

If you’re going to paint your exterior in autumn, you need to choose the right type of paint. Fortunately, many exterior paints are specially formulated these days to be used even when air and surface temperatures drop below the ideal temperature range. With these innovative paints, you won’t need special tools or methods to paint at low temperatures.

In addition, you should consider the durability of the product. Paint on your home’s exterior will be constantly exposed to nature’s elements, so it must be durable. High-gloss paint holds the top spot for the highest durability, but it isn’t suitable for exterior application. Your options will be satin or eggshell paint.

You must also decide what type of paint to get. Should you get acrylic, latex, or oil-based paint? Acrylic paints are elastic, durable, and long-lasting. This type of paint is often used on siding made of fiber cement, aluminum, or wood. On the other hand, latex paint specifically designed for outdoor use is easier to clean and cheaper than acrylic. Oil-based paint isn’t as durable as the other two options.

Things to Do Before Autumn Exterior Painting

After deciding what paint to use and when to paint the exterior this autumn, the next step is preparing your property for the project. Proper preparation is the key to achieving a smooth and durable paint job.

Two things you should do are cleaning the exterior and fixing any damage.

Thoroughly clean the exterior surfaces you plan to paint using a power washer. But if you don’t want to spend money on pressure washing, you can clean the siding using the cleaning materials and products you have at home. Just make sure to remove all grime and dirt so the paint can properly adhere to the surface.

If you must deal with peeling paint, remove it first unless it’s lead-based. Lead-based paint is dangerous, so its removal should be done by certified individuals. Aside from peeling paint, look for signs of damage to the siding and perform necessary repairs. If the issue is extensive, it’s wise to call the pros for help.

Other things you can do in preparation for an exterior painting project include covering shrubs and bushes to keep paint off. You can also protect plants with drop cloths and put a tarp over the grass near your siding.

Should You Hire a Professional Painting Contractor for the Job?

It can be tempting to paint the exterior of your home by yourself, especially if you want to cut costs. But there are certain chores and tasks in life that you should leave to professionals, and that includes exterior painting in the fall. Painting entails special skills. It takes experience and insider knowledge of preparation, techniques, paints, and color management to get a professional and long-lasting finish.

Professional painting contractors don’t just splash paint on your siding. Experts take the time to prepare surfaces, choose the best primer and paint, and more, all so you can have a durable and quality finish. In addition, professional exterior painters have access to the most cost-effective quality paints. Therefore, you don’t need to pay marked-up prices.

Professional painting companies own equipment that many residential property owners don’t normally have, like scaffolding, pipe painters, specialty rollers, and paint sprayers. When you hire a professional painting contractor, all you’ll have to do is schedule the project, discuss your requirements, and wait for the project to be completed.

Not only can you get a quality finish by hiring professional exterior painters, but you can also save valuable time. Time is a precious resource, and you’ll save hours by contracting the work to a professional. Instead of painting your home on your own, you can spend more time on your family and yourself.

Choose Trusted Painting Professionals

Hiring professional painting services has many benefits. If you are looking for skilled painters in Wilmington, NC, consider Anderson Painting. Our company has been fixing and painting residential and commercial property exteriors for years. Feel free to check our portfolio to view the team’s previous work.

If you have questions, like, “Is it OK to paint a house exterior in October?” or if you’re ready to schedule a painting project, do not hesitate to contact Anderson Painting.

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