Anything but Plain: Adding Color to Your Concrete Flooring Paint

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Light blue painted concrete floor

Bare concrete floors aren’t the most appealing surfaces to gaze upon. Sure, floors are primarily meant to be functional, not fashionable -- and yet, putting forth the effort to enhance the appearance of your concrete floors can transform the entire space, ridding it of its dull demeanor. Beyond that, painting and sealing your concrete floor will fortify it and prolong its lifespan. If you’re already planning on protecting your floors with concrete floor paint, why not consider its style while you’re at it? There is a wide spectrum of floor paint colors to choose from, after all. Here’s how to approach adding color to your concrete floors.

Colors Right Out of the Can

Many kinds of concrete floor paint products come pre-tinted, offering a particular color or style for your flooring. While concrete floor paint doesn’t come in as many colors as your average wall paint, there are still many options available to you. Some of the most popular polyurea paints include metallic, quartz, chip, solid-color, and other available coating styles. Our Penntek polyurea coatings also come in pre-tinted colors in many customizable hues, allowing you to complete your decor with a floor that matches your style.

How to Use Paint to Add Color to Concrete Floors

Adding Tint to Get the Color You Want

Even if you purchase an outdoor or indoor polyurea paint of a particular color, you can adjust its tone by adding tint yourself. Tinting your polyurea paint is a delicate process, however, so it’s best to leave this part to the pros, especially since polyurea is a tough coating that dries fast producing strong, beautiful floors in less time. Whatever you decide, make sure the type of tint will work with the polyurea paint in question and that you maintain the proper ratio of pigment to resin, hardener, and thinner before applying the mixture to your floors. Otherwise, you might end up with the wrong coloration, uneven coverage, improper curing, and so on.

Professional Concrete Floor Paint Color-Matching

If you have a particular color in mind for your concrete flooring, it’s best to seek a service provider and/or manufacturer that offers color-matching services. At Anderson Painting, we install Penntek polyurea concrete coatings -- Penntek, the manufacturer, provides custom color matching services to its clients, so we’re able to deliver the exact concrete floor color you’re looking for.

Adding Chips or Flakes for Even More Visual Flair

Adding color to your concrete floor isn’t the only way to repeal its plain visage. With the power of Penntek’s chip system, our floor sealing experts will broadcast vinyl chips of various shapes, sizes, and colors along the polyurea basecoat to provide visual texture and added friction to your concrete floors. A final topcoat is then applied over these chips or flakes to seal the deal and add some additional shine. By the time we’ve finished (as little as one day), you’ll barely recognize your old floors, as they’ll be entirely transformed into a stunning and exceedingly durable foundation.

Let us help you turn your previously plain concrete floors into something you’re proud to show off. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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