How to Make Concrete Look “Homey” and Not Industrial

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We often associate concrete floors with industrial settings. After all, most industrial facilities feature concrete surfaces because they’re relatively durable and low-maintenance. But just because concrete is a staple of commercial settings doesn’t mean this material can’t be used for residential purposes. That said, some homeowners might worry that investing in concrete floors will make their spaces less inviting. With the proper approach, however, you can make concrete look “homey” as opposed to industrial -- here’s how.

The Best Ways to Make Concrete Look 'Homey

The Difference Decor Makes

Many factors contribute to a home’s atmosphere. While the look of your floors certainly has an impact, so does your furniture, accessories, room layout, and so on. In other words, one way to make your concrete more cozy-looking is by strategically designing the rest of your room or outdoor space. For instance, the addition of carpets can go a long way toward reducing the industrial feel of concrete flooring. You might also contrast your concrete spaces with other types of surfaces, such as wood. Installing comfortable furniture, intriguing artwork, and natural additions like plants can complete the look and make for a pleasant, well-balanced space.

Get Away from Grey

Part of the aversion to concrete floors in the home has to do with color -- the dull grey of bare concrete doesn’t exactly exude “homey.” Fortunately, your concrete surfaces don’t have to look that way. By coating your concrete with polyurea floor coatings, you can select from a variety of colors. Chip coating, metallic coating, and a variety of other coating options are available from polyurea floor coatings. Whatever color or style you choose for your concrete floor coatings, consider what it will look like in concert with your decor.

Look to Your Lighting

One of the reasons industrial spaces often look stark and uninviting is because of the way they’re lit. Cool, bright, blue-tinted lights are great for visibility, but they’re not exactly pleasant. With that in mind, another way to make your concrete spaces more inviting is by implementing warm lighting and allowing natural light to enter. Also, consider how certain types of lighting will play against your polyurea concrete flooring.

Try Adding Texture

Introducing color isn’t the only aesthetic advantage offered by polyurea coatings for cement floors -- polyurea coatings, along with other options such as urethane cement, also allow you to add texture to your floors for both functional and fashionable reasons. Penntek polyurea floors offer a chip system wherein vinyl chips are spread between the basecoat and topcoat to add friction and visual variety. In the end, these floors barely resemble traditional notions of concrete, and best of all, they increase the floor’s durability and longevity.

Concrete Does Domestic

On its own, concrete is anything but cozy. However, there is so much you can do with concrete. Focusing on your home’s decor as a whole, applying polyurea floor coatings to add color and texture, and installing the optimal lighting setup can elevate your concrete surfaces and your home overall. If you’re looking for ways to better implement concrete in your home, the pros at Anderson Painting can help.

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