5 Reasons Winter Is the Best Time of Year to Paint an Interior

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Interior painting in the winter

Winter always seems to come too soon and linger too long. And if you’ve let another year go by without tackling your painting projects, you might think that now it’s far too late. Not so fast. While colder temperatures and snowfall can certainly prevent you from painting your home’s exterior, these environmental realities don’t affect the inside of your home nearly as much. In other words, you can invest in interior painting year-round. The question remains, though: should you bother painting your interior during the cold season, or is it best to wait until things thaw out?

Why to Paint During the Winter

1. More Flexibility

Winter tends to be the slow season for painting companies due to the environmental factors mentioned above. Because of this, painting schedules tend to clear up around this time of year, which makes it easier to hire a Raleigh painting contractor when it’s most convenient for you. This is especially important if you prefer to be home or away while painting takes place -- the ball is in your court. Additionally, more openings translate to more available resources for painting companies. So, if you or your project’s foreman wants extra workers on the job to speed things up, this is much more possible during the winter than any other season.

2. Lower Rates

This perk stems directly from the previous one. When there’s less demand for painting services, painting companies tend to lower their rates to compensate and snag more contracts. Compared to spring, summer, and fall painting prices, you might save 20-40% on your interior painting project in the winter. If you’re on a tight budget, then, you might strategically wait until winter to hire interior painters.

3. Climate Control

As previously mentioned, winter weather won’t affect your home’s interior as long as your home is well-insulated, sealed, and outfitted with a functional climate control system. For proper application, curing, and drying, painting should occur in an environment with temperatures between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity levels between 40% and 50%. As long as you or your painters are able to configure your interior climate to meet these standards, it doesn’t matter what’s going on outside. That said, bringing in some fresh winter air can help speed up the drying process, so long as it’s not too cold or windy. And even if you can’t ventilate your home this winter by opening doors and windows, using low- and zero-VOC paints will keep odors and toxic fumes from lingering in your home.

4. Get Through the Winter Gloom

Even if you love many aspects of winter, this time of year can put just about anyone in a funk. One way to combat those winter blues is by livening up your interior spaces. You might consider painting a room two colors, installing new lighting fixtures, changing up your furniture and decor, and so on. Whatever the case, you’ll probably appreciate this internal transformation during the winter more than any other time of year.

5. Selling Your Home in the Spring?

Spring is generally the most active time of year for home selling. This season of renewal inspires sellers and buyers alike to broaden their horizons and move on. If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, updating its paint job is an important step in boosting its appeal and market value. And if you want to be ready for this coming spring, winter is the best time to invest in some Raleigh house painting. You might not be able to paint your exterior until spring, but you can at least get a headstart on your interior this winter.

The Most Wonderful Time of Year...to Paint

Winter might initially seem like the worst time of year to paint your home -- and yet, as far as interior painting is concerned, it may be the best. If you’re ready to transform your rooms this winter, Anderson Painting is here to help. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at info@andersonpaintingnc.com!

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