Popcorn Ceiling Removal and Drywall Repair Services


Every home could use an update every few years. This might mean new furniture, a fresh coat of paint, or new floors. However, people often forget about their ceilings. We aren’t typically looking up, after all. It’s much easier to notice a faded or damaged wall than an outdated, chipping ceiling. Whether it’s time to repair that wall or update your ceiling, Anderson Painting tackles a number of home repairs, including popcorn ceiling removal and drywall repair.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services

You won’t often see a popcorn ceiling in modern homes. This type of finish became popular in the mid-20th-century and reigned for a couple of decades. It made the whole process easier and much quicker, hiding imperfections and eliminating the need to sand the surface. However, the EPA banned the early formulations in 1977, as they contained asbestos, a toxic material.

If your home was built before 1977 and features popcorn ceilings, you definitely want to have them removed for your own health and safety. Homes built after 1977 featuring popcorn ceilings may not pose a threat to your health, but they still date the home’s interior. To get rid of the material in a safe, efficient manner, you’ll want to hire popcorn ceiling removal services.

Anderson Painting offers these services and more. As a lead-certified contractor, we’ll check your ceiling (and entire home) for lead paint and other harmful substances. We’ll then remove the popcorn ceiling texture by carefully scraping away the material and containing it. Finally, we will repaint your ceiling to make your home look fresh and new.

Drywall Repair Services

Drywall can take a beating over time. Fortunately, most dings and holes can be repaired without replacing the entire wall. Anderson Painting contractors are trained in drywall repair as well as painting. This means you can rely on our services to both fix your drywall and then paint it afterward. No need to hire a separate drywall repair service or painting service.

For small holes, we will cut out a piece of new drywall and then cut away a piece of the damaged drywall to match. We’ll then fit the new piece of drywall to the damaged section. We’ll secure the new piece and then lay joint tape over the section. This will allow us to spackle and sand a smooth drywall surface. Once dried, we will add primer over the new section and then paint it the same color as the rest of the wall. When we’re done, you’ll never know there was any damage beforehand.

Anderson Painting isn’t your average Raleigh painting company. You can rely on our people to not only paint your home but to repair and update it as well. And because we’re lead-based certified, we can make your living space safer as well.