Why a Concrete Top Coat Is Essential for East Coast Living

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There are countless benefits to coastal living. Having easy access to the ocean and other waterways has been shown to reduce stress levels and improve happiness. It’s no wonder, then, that so many people decide to put down roots in Raleigh, NC. Though not directly on the water, this East Coast city neighbors a number of ports and beaches. Of course, those aforementioned coast-life benefits come with a few caveats – closer proximity to the ocean means less predictable and more severe weather conditions. While most Raleigh residents are far enough from the water to avoid the worst weather patterns, their outdoor areas might suffer from time to time.

Concrete surfaces are particularly susceptible to damage from coastal conditions. With proper protection and maintenance, however, you can keep your exterior concrete features in great shape all year long. Let’s go over why installing a concrete top coat on your patio, deck, or porch is a great idea for anyone living on or near the coast.

Combat Coastal Humidity and Moisture

If you live near the water, you can expect higher humidity levels in the air. Higher humidity contributes to increased precipitation, so rain and snow are also more common on the coast. Ocean activity can cause and exacerbate storms, too. Put simply, living by the coast comes with plenty of wet days. You might not think that water poses any real threat to your concrete features, but over time water can cause significant erosion. Concrete is porous, after all, meaning moisture and other materials can make their way inside. Concrete floor coatings seal off these pores, preventing this moisture intrusion and protecting the concrete’s integrity. Coating your concrete with quality coatings is a good idea no matter where you live, but it’s especially important in wet, humid areas like the coast.

Shield Your Outdoor Space from Summer Sun

The coast may be humid and rainy at times, but it can get hot and sunny, too. Coastal summers can be brutal – in Raleigh, NC, temperature highs are often in the 80s (Fahrenheit) and sometimes approach or surpass the 90s. Concrete is built to endure these extreme conditions, but even the toughest concrete can only put up with so much. Too much heat and sunlight can extract moisture from the concrete, making it dry and brittle, so it’s more susceptible to cracking and spalling. Just as concrete coatings protect these surfaces from moisture intrusion, they also shield them from the sun, helping your features maintain their flexibility and strength.

Enjoy Easier Maintenance Year-Round

If you live on or near the coast, chances are you’d rather spend your free time by the water or otherwise enjoying all the beauty that coastal living has to offer. You’ll have to spend some time maintaining your property, of course, but the less time you have to spend on these chores, the more time you can spend doing what you truly enjoy. One of the best aspects of installing residential concrete floor coatings is that they greatly reduce the amount of effort required to keep your floors clean and beautiful. High-quality concrete coatings deliver a sturdy, smooth surface that resists dust and makes cleaning a breeze.

Concrete Top Coats for the Coast

Concrete patios and porches are beautiful features for coastal life. If you don’t properly protect your concrete surfaces, however, coastal conditions can shorten the lifespan of these beautiful features. Selecting the best concrete floor coating for your outdoor space is essential for getting the most out of coastal living. At Anderson Painting, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of Penntek polyurea concrete coatings. These coatings offer superior aesthetics, customization, flexibility, durability, and ease of maintenance.

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