Which Siding Material Is Right for Your Home?

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Most homeowners don’t think twice when it comes to having new siding installed for their home. Siding makes homes more attractive while protecting them from wind, moisture, and other environmental damage. Just about every home can benefit from having siding. However, not all siding is created equal. This protective feature comes in various materials, including vinyl, wood, aluminum, steel, stucco, and more. How can homeowners decide which siding material is best for their home? If you’re asking yourself this question, here are some factors to consider that may help you choose which material is right for you.


For most people, cost is always a determining factor for any home improvement project. Because of this, vinyl siding has become the most commonly used siding material. In terms of both material and installation cost, vinyl is the cheapest option at about $5 per square foot on average, but only by a small margin. Alternative materials such as aluminum, steel, and wood all run at an average cost just slightly above vinyl siding. Of course, there is more variability in these materials as well since different types of wood and metal alloys can be used. This means that installation of these siding materials can run anywhere from $5 to $14 per square foot.


While initial costs matter, so does durability, especially in areas where extreme weather conditions are common. If a material is less durable, it will typically cost more in the long run than a slightly more expensive but more durable material. Brick and stone win this category by a long shot. If installed properly and maintained well, brick and stone siding can last a homeowner more than 75 years. In other words, a lifetime. Of course, wood and stucco siding withstands the elements nearly as well and can stay viable for about 50 years. The same goes for aluminum and steel siding, though these might require a bit more maintenance.

While vinyl comes in first for lowest cost, it comes in last place regarding durability. Still, the material can hold up for 20-30 years before needing repair or replacement, which is more than enough for most homeowners. But this negative must be weighed against the positive when considering vinyl siding.

Maintenance Requirements

Keeping your siding clean and strong presents another hidden cost. You probably want to choose a material that doesn’t require constant maintenance. Fortunately, many siding materials are low-maintenance. Vinyl, aluminum, steel, brick, and stone siding offer the lowest-maintenance siding options. Low-maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance, of course. These materials will still require the services of a Raleigh power washing company or DIY washing, as well as a fresh coat of paint every five to seven years or so.

While highly durable, siding materials such as wood and stucco require more maintenance. Wood is easily damaged by moisture and extreme temperatures, which may cause fractures and rot. The pores of stucco quickly gather dust and dirt, requiring frequent cleaning. Its rigid nature can also lead to fracturing down the road, which must be repaired quickly to prevent further damage.

Aesthetic Preference

Ultimately, you want to choose the siding material that looks best. Each type of material offers different styles. Brick and stone will give your home a classic look, while vinyl or aluminum will make it more modern. You’ll often see stucco in southern states, and wood in areas with dense forests. But there are no hard and fast rules. And, of course, whatever material you choose will look even better with the aid of Raleigh house painters.

Have You Chosen a Side?

Siding, regardless of material, is a great choice for any home. Each has its pros and cons, but the variable above might help you narrow your decision. Once you’ve made up your mind, contact Anderson Painting. Anderson Painting contractors specialize in everything from siding installation and repair to painting, carpentry, drywall, power washing, and more. To learn more about everything we can do, call Anderson Painting and Power Washing today at 919-610-1855 or email us at info@andersonpaintingnc.com!

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