What to Expect in an Anderson Painting Drywall Repair Project

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For nearly a century now, drywall has been one of the most common materials used in U.S. homes. While plaster is slightly more durable, drywall yields several benefits to homeowners and business owners. It’s relatively cheap, fire-resistant, improves insulation, and keeps noise out. Drywall is prone to damage, though. Fortunately, the material isn’t that difficult to repair. Still, not everyone knows how to repair drywall, nor do they have the tools. You can rely on Anderson Painting to fix and paint your drywall so it looks as good as new. Here’s what you can expect from us.


We hire great people and give them the best training possible. We do not subcontract any work. All our workers are full-time Anderson Painting employees. This way, you can rest assured that our people know what they’re doing every step of the way. We will ask you questions about the damage and walk you through the process before starting. We’ll also answer any questions you may have for full transparency. Armed with knowledge and experience, our staff will conduct the necessary prep work and bring the proper materials and tools.


We understand that when your drywall needs repair, you want the job done as quickly as possible. No matter how bad or extensive the damage, you can expect a quick drywall repair process. Speed doesn’t mean a lack of quality, however. Our people work carefully to make sure joints are flush, patches are secure, and the surface is smooth.

When fixing a small or medium-sized hole in drywall, we will cut around the damaged area to create a square-shaped pocket for the new piece of drywall. We then cut a piece of drywall just smaller than the size of the hole, leaving the paper backing. Then, we apply joint compound to the back of the paper and insert the patch into the hole. The area is then covered with two coats of joint compound and left to dry. Once dry, the area can be sanded, primed, and painted over.

Whether it’s patching a hole, several holes, or repairing a corner, we do so in an efficient manner so you can gaze upon a fresh wall and enjoy your privacy once more.

Beyond the Drywall Repair

If all you need is drywall repair, we’re happy to simply fix it for you. However, we offer much more than this service. In addition to drywall repair, we offer interior and exterior painting, carpentry, siding repair, ceiling repair, concrete floor coatings, and power washing services. We know that sometimes just one home repair triggers several additional renovations. When you hire Anderson Painting, we’re equipped to take care of anything your home may need.

After fixing your drywall, we will repaint the section if necessary to match the rest of the wall. Or, you may decide it’s time to repaint the interior of the whole room. We have you covered there, too. No matter what your home needs, our contractors can handle it, delivering the same high quality of service in all that we do. Whether you just need a drywall repair service or much more, contact Anderson Painting at 919-610-1855, or email us at info@www.andersonpaintingnc.com!

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