What Is the Longest Lasting Deck Stain for Raleigh, NC

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Newly red stained deck

Temperatures continue to fluctuate in Raleigh, NC and elsewhere, but there’s no denying that deck season has returned to many regions in the southern United States. As you prepare up for the warmer weather, make sure to inspect your deck for any damage that may have been done over the winter. Even if your deck appears to be in good shape overall, it might be due for a fresh coat of stain so it’s ready to withstand whatever environmental threats await it this year. Of course, you don’t want to re-stain your deck every year – rather, you want to choose a product that can hold its own so you can kick back and enjoy yourself all season long.

With that in mind, what is the longest lasting deck stain available for homeowners in Raleigh, NC? Here are some key features and factors to consider.

What to Know About Long Lasting Deck Stains

Protects Your Deck from the Southern Sun

Raleigh receives more sunshine than the national average, which all residents can appreciate. Despite its cheery warmth, however, the sun can also take a toll on your deck, especially if it’s not properly coated with a quality product. As such, the longest lasting deck stain in Raleigh, NC will be one with powerful ultraviolet (UV) protection. Generally speaking, stains with more pigment offer more inherent UV protection than those with less pigment. That said, transparent stains can offer sun protection, too, especially if they’re specially formulated to do so. Moreover, UV-resistant sealers can be applied over deck stains to further guard against sunlight.

Stands Up to Raleigh Rainfall

Not only does Raleigh receive its share of sunshine – it also beats the national average in terms of annual rainfall. Moisture is another worthy adversary to wood and concrete decks alike (which is why concrete pool deck coatings are so vital). If left unprotected, your deck’s pores can be swiftly infiltrated by water, deteriorating from the inside out. When considering deck staining in Raleigh, then, prioritize water-resistant products. Waterproof stains, as their title suggests, seal your deck’s pores and prevent water from pooling on your deck’s surfaces – this is a must if you want to defend against spring showers. Keep in mind, however, that not all waterproof deck stains are created equal. Some products offer better, longer-lasting protection than others, so pay attention to customer reviews and consumer reports (the same goes for UV-resistant stains).

Keeps Pests at Bay

The warm weather doesn’t just indicate deck season, but also pest season. Many insects and rodents are attracted to wood, nesting in or feeding off the material – and this puts your wooden deck in harm’s way. Fortunately, many deck stains help prevent pests from making a home in your deck or chewing it to pieces. The longest lasting deck stains are those that are thick enough to keep those prying teeth at bay.

Which Deck Stain Lasts the Longest?

The longest lasting deck stain for your purposes will be one that’s highly resistant to UV rays, moisture, and pests. Solid deck stains tend to fare better in each of these categories, whereas clear stains offer less durability. Still, solid stains sometimes chip and peel more easily than their more transparent counterparts due to their thickness. There is also plenty of nuance here depending on the manufacturer and product in question. Put simply, there is no clear-cut answer to this question. The best approach to Raleigh, NC deck staining is doing some research and working with a reputable contractor like Anderson Painting. We use only the best stain and paint products for deck coating projects, and we work closely with each customer to find the right choice for their needs.

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