What Are the Best Applications for Penntek Industrial Coatings’ Chip System?

calander Nov 9 , 2020 user-iconAnderson Painting
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Anderson Painting is a proudly certified installer of Penntek polyurea flooring. Penntek floors are highly customizable, offering a variety of color and texture options such as solid color epoxy, metallic, vinyl chip coatings, and more. Our flooring experts can recommend the right coatings for your specific needs. Let’s discuss some of the best applications for Penntek industrial coatings’ chip system.

Where to Put Chip Coating for Concrete Floors

Garage Floors

Garages undergo a lot of stress from external weather conditions and temperature changes, heavy vehicles, oil and grease leakage, foot traffic, and so on. Sealing a garage floor helps protect your garage floors from these various threats. Installing a Penntek chip flooring, in particular, offers top-grade strength and durability (protection from moisture, UV rays, chemicals, abrasions, etc.) while enhancing the floor’s overall appearance and facilitating maintenance.

Basement Floors

Chip coatings are a great choice for concrete basement floors as well, especially if you’re looking to transform your cellar into more of a living space. Solid basement floor paint will grant your basement flooring protection, but the results might look flat and uninviting. Penntek polyurea chip flooring delivers that extra visual flair that livens up any space while keeping those floors safe and sound.

Patios and Decks

There are exterior applications for chip epoxy flooring as well. Namely, concrete patios and decks can benefit from the increased friction, moisture protection, and UV resistance this flooring option offers. Once again, solid outdoor concrete epoxy paint lacks the level of protection and beauty provided by Penntek chip flooring.


Concrete chip coatings have numerous commercial applications as well. If you’re looking to impress customers and maintain employee morale, installing chip flooring systems in your workplace is a powerful move. An office outfitted with bare, dull concrete floors isn't exactly inspiring, after all. Plus, the ease of maintenance offered by Penntek chip floors means that businesses can reduce their office cleaning costs over time.

Kitchens and Food Production Areas

There is bound to be a mess wherever food and beverages are made. A concrete floor that’s not well-guarded against liquid spills, food particles, chemical stains, etc., has no place serving as the foundation for a kitchen or food production facility. Chip flooring is designed to withstand these common kitchen pressures while offering additional friction to reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls on the job.


Few buildings experience more frenzied foot traffic than schools. Installing Penntek chip flooring is a great way to minimize scuffs and marks, prevent slips and falls from students and faculty, and make cleaning easier for the custodial staff. The visual appeal of these floors also serves to boost any school’s reputation and impress parents and visitors.


Showrooms are meant to be seen, so their floors should reflect this purpose. Even the drabbest concrete floor can be transformed into a showstopper when sealed with Penntek polyurea concrete floor paint and chip broadcast. Such a floor will enhance whatever is on display in one of these spaces.


Maintaining clean, beautiful, sanitary restrooms should be a top priority for all businesses. Installing chip floor coatings will help any business achieve this goal since they’re so easy to clean and visually appealing.

Additional Applications

The list goes on -- everything from healthcare facilities to veterinary clinics to service areas, etc. can benefit from these Penntek chip installations. The bottom line is this: if it’s a concrete floor and requires protection and visual enhancement, Penntek’s polyurea chip system is worth consideration. Anderson Painting is ready to deliver concrete coating services for more durable garage, patio, or worksite flooring that will stand the test of time. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at info@andersonpaintingnc.com!