What are Penntek Basement Floor Coatings and How Do they Help Finish Your Space?

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Newly coated basement floor

A concrete basement floor is durable but also vulnerable to multiple conditions, such as moisture intrusion, ground shifts, temperature fluctuations, and more. Properly coating your basement flooring is necessary for ensuring the longevity of these floors and maintaining a comfortable, livable space as a whole. At Anderson Painting, we specialize in the installation of Penntek polyurea chip system floor coatings for various applications, including garages, patios, and basements. We stick with Penntek flooring systems for their durability, flexibility, ease of installation, safety, and style.

Here we’ll explore what Penntek basement floor coatings are and how they can help complete your basement refinishing project.

What to Know About Penntek Basement Floor Coatings

What are Penntek Basement Floor Coatings?

Started in 2010, Penntek Industrial Coatings is an award-winning concrete floor coating/system manufacturer that designs products for both commercial and residential use. Over the years, Penntek coatings have become synonymous with quality, longevity, and reliability -- the company is committed to providing exceptional levels of quality and offers a 15-year warranty for their treatments. Basement floors are one of their many targets, alongside garages, patios, showrooms, commercial kitchens, and more. Penntek offers a variety of basement floor coating options, from solid color epoxy systems to polyurea chip coatings and more. While each option features unique styles and benefits, they all protect your floors from fracturing, chipping, staining, and so on, all while enhancing your basement’s overall appearance from the ground up.

Advantages of Penntek Concrete Coatings

More specifically, the benefits of choosing Penntek concrete coatings for your basement finishing project are as follows:

  • Coating options come in pre-tinted colors and customizable hues
  • Applications are self-levelling for seamless installation
  • Basement floor systems are relatively affordable and cost-effective over the long term
  • Flooring systems are resistant to impact, abrasion, and chemicals
  • Coatings are customizable in terms of texture (i.e., non-slip) for increased safety
  • Penntek floor solutions are low-maintenance and easy to clean

How Penntek Basement Coatings Help Finish Your Space

Whatever you plan on using your basement for, its floors must be able to withstand regular activity, underground conditions, and the test of time. On top of that, you want your basement floors to enhance the room’s aesthetic rather than detract from it. A Penntek polyurea concrete coating application will allow you to meet all of these goals and more. As mentioned above, the customization and styling options help you design the finished basement of your dreams. Additionally, the quick installation and cost-effective nature of Penntek basement floor solutions can accommodate even tight budgets and timelines. And because these floor coatings are highly durable, flexible, and easy to care for (and under warranty), you can enjoy them for many years, even decades, to come with minimal maintenance.

Finishing the Job with Penntek Basement Floor Coatings

Much like Penntek, we at Anderson Painting only provide the best for our customers. While you have many choices when it comes to finishing your basement floors, we stand by our use of Penntek polyurea coatings for basement floors and other concrete surfaces. Our previous customers can testify to the beauty, durability, and success of these flooring solutions. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at info@andersonpaintingnc.com!

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